Thursday, February 26, 2009

NEW UNITS! What's new at the Scratch!

After weeks of waiting, the highly anticipated Animal Collective 'Merriweather Post Pavilion' double lp (Domino) has arrived at Spiral Scratch. We're also mighty proud to be carrying the deluxe vinyl re-issues of middle american punk legends, the Zero Boys 'Vicious Circle' lp, a bona fide classic american hardcore punk rock record, and the "History of the Zero Boys" collection, which collects their earlier material.
Other new releases of note:
Bruce Springsteen "Working On A Dream" lp
Beirut "March of the Zapotec"
Cheap Tragedies "Volume One: Souveniers & Evidence"
Marked Men "Ghosts"
the Hunches "Exit Dreams" - *staff pick of the week. third and final lp from Portland's jagged noisemaking rockers. a band that should be huge and drooled upon on the pages of Pitchfork™. a furious and wonderful finale for one of our beloved bands here at Spiral Scratch.
She & Him - Volume One lp/cd
Crystal Stilts -Alight of Night
Bon Iver - For Emma, For Ever Ago
Conor Oberst s/t
Chosen Ones - cd-ep
COWORKERS - demo cd/tape
Gas Chamber - demo cd/tape version forthcoming
Magnetic Fields - Distortions (special limited time sale price!)
the Radio Faces - Party at the Bushwick Hotel lp (new on Art of the Underground)
the Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace
Blank Dogs - Seconds 12" (weirdo lo-fi pop wave ala the cure, new order,etc. from nyc enigma)
Unwelcome Guests/Saint Sweetheart - split 7"

some other new arrivals on lp:

ed By Death Series collections of obscure punk sides from around the globe.
Bloodstains Series see above, yet these are organized by region. we currently have Texas, California, and the Midwest in stock.
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures/Closer
Curtis Mayfield - Superfly/Roots/Curtis
Syd Barrett - Barrett
Drive Like Jehu - s/t-yank crime
Amebix - reissues of Arise! and No Sanctuary
the Spits - second and third self titled essentials, as well as their 19 Million AC collection.
Clockclean er - Babylon Rules
Jesus Lizard - DVD live '94
Big Black - Songs About Fucking lp/Headache ep/Lungs ep
Dillinger Four - Versus God/Midwestern Songs of the Americas (re-issues)
Baroness - RED 2xlp
Roger Bryan/Johnny Nobody - split 7"
Sex Vid - 7 "
Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante
Fucked Up - Let Likes Be Cured By Likes (still holding these titles: Chemistry...2x LP, Hidden World 2x lp, Year of the Pig 7" and 12", Litany 7", etc)
Pixies - Doolittle & Surfer Rosa
Sigur Ros - med sud i eyrum vio spilum & Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
Milk n Cookies (ultimate power pop from '75, reissued)
Running For Cover - Dark Well

We are also carrying Z-Gun magazine--the ultimate print music resource available today.

thats just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. so much more punk, hardcore, indie, rock, soul and classic reissues--yer just gonna have to stop in before someone else snatches 'em up. don't forget our used records (lots of new titles) and cd's, which we love to buy more of.
and remember...if you want it on cd, let us know.