Thursday, December 31, 2009


So long '09--you've had your downs and ups, but we'll be glad to see ya go. Theres a new decade waiting...

Well, i suppose it hasn't been any
worse (or even close) to late '08, and we've seen some mighty fine records released this year, a nice year for the shop hopefully insuring many more to come. Buffalo, you've done us proud by supporting, helping, suggesting and mostly...supporting our little thing (did i mention supporting?) here. Without you, we are just another bad idea that actually came to fruition. We're proud you like records--good ones, we're proud to see bands from here releasing beautiful record albums™...Everything Falls Apart, Sonorous Gale, Failures Union have all been kind enough to allow us to sell their hard work put to full length vinyl. Roger Bryan and the Orphans, in late '08 too. In addition, there have been great singles, compact discs and cassette demos--the feral Kid Records stable, self released cd-r and tape demos by some bands we are proud to call our own.

In the coming days, we'll get deeper into our favorite releases, re-issues, songs, singles and all that...but a quick "thank you" to our customers, supporters, volunteers, employees and my mom who is always there when the phone gets turned off! And of course, dad who is watching from above--hopefully satisfied we are still standing, trying to get better at what we are doing every day--and will someday clean up behind the counter and get organized in the back.

"Acid Rock!"


A few new releases, re-releases and various thangs we've brought into our abode lately you may be interested in (by no means is this everything...i'm running out of '09 here)

thee Oh Sees - Dog Poison Quite a feat that the OhSees, a band who put out too much material, have battened down the quality control hatches the last two years. In this year alone they released the amazing HELP lp--one i thought would top my years favorites, then release this complete departure musically (less of the garage crunch, more flutes). Another gem...some might even (and have within our own ranks--mutiny!)say it's their best since '08. Here's a band that seems to be hitting a peak of sorts...releasing great albums and not the same albums. We love them, we can agree on that. We think you might, too.

Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind 12" A collection of tracks created before, during and after the making of their epic Merriweather Post Pavilion double album from earlier this year is by no means an odds and sods collection of casatways--rather songs that just didnt fit on the mammoth album for one reason or another. It has received rave reviews from fans and sketchy sources alike. But we are able to draw our own conclusions. 180 grams and with free download.

ABRASIVE WHEELS - When the Punks Go Marching In
Though formed around the time of the first wave of punk in Leeds, UK-the Abrasive Wheels would not release their classic "When The Punks Go Marching In" album until 1982, during the UK82 period.
Finally seeing a proper, non-picture disc (blech) re-issue treatment, as are many great, yet often forgotten bands of the era.

BARONESS - [Blue Album] Savannah, Georgia's BARONESS (originally from lexington, VA) would be shortchanged if they were referred to as simply a metal band; their ravenous fans know they are much more that. Hot on the heels of last years acclaimed "Red Record", the "Blue Record" received 4 and 1/2 stars from the reliable All Music Guide who boldly declared it on of the years top hard rock releases, period. More mind blowing artwork (from guitarist John Baizley), incredible deluxe double 180 gram vinyl with beautiful inserts and, of course, a free download. These came to us directly from RELAPSE, so you won't pay anymore than RELAPSE would charge you. This is a lot of record for not a lot of loot, in this day and age. Remember if you're a fan of anything RELAPSE related, we have established a direct line with them to bring you the best possible prices on their releases.

the FEELIES - Crazy Rhythms - "Of the countless bands to emerge from the New York City underground during the post-punk era, few if any were as unique and influential as the Feelies; nerdy, nervous, and noisy, even decades later their droning, skittering avant-garde pop remains a key touchstone of the American indie music scene."-AllMusicGuide (5 stars)
Here is a little piece of greatness maybe overlooked in a year of long overdue re-issues--The Feelies first lp released in 1980. Herky, jerky, VU influenced indie blueprint restored in its original glory. Also, ask Weezer if the cover looks familiar?

FLAMIN GROOVIES - Flamingo lp/Teenage Head lp/Slow Death lp.
Deluxe reissues of legendary San Fran cult band, often dubbed an "American Stones minus the blues with added nods to early rock and roll", the 'Groovies found themselves as a band out of time playing greasy rock and roll in hippie dominated Haight-Asbury in the late 60's. They remained a valid cult band who were incredibly influential regardless and found even greater acclaim in the friendlier confines of Europe. After Roy Loney split in the early 70s, the Groovies forged on cutting their classic power pop anthem and signature song, "Shake Some Action", which can be found on the 71-73 comp, SLOW DEATH. Released by the good folks at Norton Records, who also supply us with the Sonics, Gories, Dictators and loads more garage/soul albums--again, coming direct from the source.

FLAMING LIPS - Embryonic 2x lp - Not many bands are capable of holding their fans interest and releasing credible albums over a 25 year span. The Flaming Lips have managed this feat, continuing to make respected and acclaimed albums nearly 25 years after their debut, while re-inventing themselves countless times along the way. This time, it appears the band has taken bits from their noiser, wilder earlier days and started another "period".
Embryonic is another well packaged, double lp that has been a great seller and kept longtime fans eager for more. We seem to have a hard time keeping them in stock for long, so don't let this one slip by you.

HOMOSTUPIDS - the Load Skull Music. With Lean Steve ex-Nine Shocks Terror, an ex-Buffalo neandrathal-man and one of the most tireless drummers in the biz, Cleveland's wild HOMOSTUPIDS unleash their second "long player"--and while it may be their best "sounding" recording to date (aww, may be their best record) the band still sounds like frenzied cavemen with guitars. A slight evolution in sound from the Intern, the Load is one giant punch in the face and a kick to ribs before you realize you've hit the asphalt.

wait....theres more, including a blast of Matador re-stocks (Pixies, Pavement, GBV and more, as well as the latest lp's from Mission of Burma, the Mountain Goats and up and coming, critically acclaimed Lp's from Kurt Vile. Also, there is the latest from Yo La Tengo, the sprawling double, Popular Songs.

From the land of Dischord comes the anxiously anticipated re-issue of Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart, their great major label debut back in the hands of it's creators. Also, Gray Matter, Fugazi, some Dischord comps from years past and re-stocks of the classics.

Also in-stock is the Stone Roses self titled brit-pop masterwork, a snazzy re-issue commemorating the 25th anniversary of it's release.

Oh hey...look what the SST folks found in the back corner of their warehouse....a pallet full of ORIGINAL Saint Vitus albums. Just in time for the stoner rockers to discover them, re-discover them or just blaze to them. The label that usually supplies us with Black Flag, Husker Du, Minutemen and Descendents ( Milo is BACK!) records unearthed original copies of Born Too Young, Mournful Cries and the 2x lp comp of the early years, Heavier Than Thou. These are NOT re-issues, they are original copies of the albums long thought lost, sold out or...who knows. Whatever the case may be, they are here for now. We are not sure when the well will run dry, though. Now please find a pallet of Dicks, (LA) Stains and (Canadian) Subhumans records.
-----------------------------------------------------------seven inches----
Low Threat Profile 7" 10 blasters on seven inches for five bucks. I'm no math wiz, but that sounds like a good deal to me. More on the way from Deep Six, including a long out of print INFEST reissue.
Marked Men/This Is My Fist split 7"
Lemuria - Ozzy 7"
Fresh & Onlys - Trouble In Mind/Second One To Know 7"
Useless Eaters - sucked in 7"
Rational Animals - Distorted Temptation ep
well, thats about enough to absorb for now. There will be a second part to this update with some staff favorites from the year (and other totally objective shit) along with reports of recent re-stocks from Real Estate, Mantles, Crime, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Hot Snakes (Suicide Invoice is here!) and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. And just when the hell those Spacemen 3 re-issues are coming in.

Until then, keep warm and get down to Scratch and see whats happening. After all, we can't tell you everything new that is in the store...that would kill the surprise of finding that thing you've been after. And take me forever to type. Thanks again for all your support, on behalf of Team Scratch.
something else to look forward to in the year 2010:

details forthcoming.

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