Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Los Scratchos Locos: Late August Update!

Back In Scratch...

TEAMSCRATCH™, under the watchful and helpful eye of Mr. C. Barrels, e.s.q., came together to cover a sleepy week and a half Mexican retreat taken by myself and new wife. We thank them all for their help during this time and now are feverishly getting the hot rails to hell back on track to bring you some cool new releases, re-issues and otherwise essential records to keep you off the streets.
We are also proud to be carrying the print zine, All Things Ordinary #1--in limited supply:the
creation of you-know-who...(derek neuland, of course). Pocket sized and, as you would expect, a great read! In the back with the other zines...don't be fooled by it's size--its packed with cool.


PISSED JEANS - King of Jeans (sub pop) - Third time is the charm for these filthy Allentown, PA noisy rockers. Well received and selling like griddle cakes, King of Jeans is being touted as the bands best work since the early singles. We have already had to re-order a new batch, so don't delay. They recently blew the doors off the Mohawk Place, in humble fashion, at a Spiral Scratch sanctioned event.

GRIZZLY BEAR - Horn of Plenty (kanine) - The latest from this acclaimed lo-fi Brooklyn based unit who are on the upswing as of late, recently appearing on a much talked about (at least in thisd store) appearance on late night tv.

REIGNING SOUND - Love and Curses (in the red) - Greg "Oblivian" Cartwright could very well be Americas most overlooked and most deeply honest sounding great songwriter. Unfairly pigeonholed as a "garage rocker" due to his past indiscretions as an Oblivian/Compulsive Gambler, Cartwright has been delivering some of the most honest and pure American rock and roll under the Reigning Sound--whose last lp appeared in 2004. Love and Curses does not disappoint and even sits along the bands finest work--but you can see for yourself, as we have all their stuff right here for you. ....................................................................

SOUND CARTOGRAPHY - Volume 1 Another fine offering from Dave Baileys NancyJo Records, in concunction with Warm Bath. Sound Cartography features the prolific Pat Bolger (Running For Cover, Gas Chamber), Jon Kortland (Iron Lung), Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil) and Dave Bailey himself. From the NancyJo blog:
"Sound Cartography is concerned with the investigation of how individuals react when presented with unfamiliar material. Using a linear sequence, each consecutive participant ultimately determines the structure & feel of the record, taking cues from the previous submissions. A libretto echoing out from the sound of space stations slowly deteriorating."

Beautiful packaging on a fold-out heavy duty chipboard cover and artwork provided by Mark Sirek and Shepard. 300 copies.

HIGH PLACES SOFT CIRCLE split 12" (with download)

COCTEAU TWINS - Head Over Heels - The second, career re-defining album--regarded as their finest, Head Over Heels came out on 1983 0n the 4AD label. The re-issues are still on 4AD and, we think, a little cheaper than you'll find them anywhere else. More importantly,

RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS - Destiny Street - The follow up to the untouchable Blank Generation lp, this one is unfortunately overlooked and lost in comparison--which is unfair, because it's a killer album with several bona fide classic tracks.

SLIM HARPO - Raining In My Heart - Slim's first from 1961 on the Excello label. Crucial blues.

KINKS - Preservation Act 1 / Preservation Act 2 - 1973 and 1974. Ray Davies embarks on a complex concept which became these two albums (sold seperately, batteries not included). Some of the great, mch of it overlooked, great Kinks songs can be found on these two deluxe limited run 180 gram reissues.

SIC ALPS - A Long Way Around To A Shortcut 2xlp - The elusive singles and odds-n-ends from this acclaimed psych-garage band. pitchfork review .

ASONS - Independence lp (midwest hardcore punk legends debut 1982 classic)

SCREAMERS - Demos 1977-1978 - Though this seminal band never made it to the studio proper, these great quality demos serve as a document to the seminal synth-punk Screamers-who were a key cog of the LA punk scene in the late 70s, though they never recorded a proper album or toured. Features In A Better World, Vertigo and more.
FORGOTTEN REBELS - In Love With The System lp (first album, original versions on Star)
BIG STAR - #1 & Radio City lp's (#3 enroute) - The first three lp's from Memphis gods.
ELLIOT SMITH - XO lp & Figure 8 2x lp - Back in print and back in stock, in their original presentations and 180 grams of wax.
RUDY RAY MOORE - Dolomite Soundtrack
ROY AYERS - Coffey Soundtrack

Spiral Jazz
In anticipation to unveiling our used jazz records, which have been compiling for the last 6 months, we've began bringing in some classic re-issue recordings from John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman, Brother Jack McDuff, Miles Davis and more. So dont be surpirsed if you flip passed Mingus' Clown lp between the Misfits 'Static Age' and a reissued power pop masterpiece by Milk N Cookies.

7" Explosion!!!
I: New Stuff

BLANK DOGS - Waiting 7"
The perfect primer to their debut double album and slew of mysterious 12" records. Finally, Joy Division/Cure worship done right with a mind of its own.
LEMURIA/OFF WITH THEIR HEADS split 7" - Our own LEMURIA-- a band who has earned their stripes through hard work and cool pop songs team up with OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. Only a few left.
TY SEGALL - CENTS 7"- More garage-pop perfection from northern california. A gem. In anticipation of his Lemons lp, which should be here any day. Who is this Ty Segall, you say? We also have a copy or two two of his debut long player (pictured to the left) in stock.
LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS - Fredonia imprint Whaleplane Records offers up this cd-r equipped slab. RIYL: Mogwai/Ghosts & Vodka
*coming soon: Gaslight Anthem 7"'s, Gas, Drunkdriver (new*), DryRot, Kim Phuc, Hard Skin, Cult Ritual, Direct Control and more.*

**Also stay tuned for the super secret unveiling of our coveted (and massive) used 7" collection...record flippers, stay away; Barrels will break your dirty double-dealing thumbs. It's a treasure chest, painstakingly researched and priced by our hardworking, double-shifting Chuck Barrels. These will go public in the coming days, so keep checking the blog as this is where it will be announced publicly.**


MISFITS - 3 HITS FROM HELL 7"/ Bullet 7"
- Misfits vinyl fans rejoice: you can now own these elusive and expensive rarities for around 7 bucks. They sound great, too.
DICKS - Hate The Police 7"/Peace? 7" Hate The Police os one of the ultimate punk rock documents. Period. Essential in every sense of the word. Featuring "All Night Fever", with Bufx on the mic.
MUMMIES - Uncontrollable Urge/Girl You Want. Kings of the 90s garage explosion, wrapped in ace bandages and banging on broken farfisa organs. Doing Devo, wrapped in a fake SubPop sleeve with the SubPop q&a between the label and the band. Fantastic.
NIRVANA - Smells Like Nirvana 7"/Foretaste 7". Unissued studio recordings from 1991. 4 songs on each records.
BAD RELIGION - 1993 Peel Session - 4 tracks recorded for the late mr. peel from the Recipe For Hate era. They also do "What Can You Do" from the Suffer album. All live in the studio non-lp cuts. Cheaper than the first time we had it, but painfully scarce.

Theres more...but we'll save that for later. Until then, thanks again to our customers (not the 2 whiners!) and everyone at Team Scratch for their support, time, sweat, blood, tears, bad jokes, good jokes --anchovies 8/26/09


"fuck yeaaaah!"