Thursday, December 31, 2009


So long '09--you've had your downs and ups, but we'll be glad to see ya go. Theres a new decade waiting...

Well, i suppose it hasn't been any
worse (or even close) to late '08, and we've seen some mighty fine records released this year, a nice year for the shop hopefully insuring many more to come. Buffalo, you've done us proud by supporting, helping, suggesting and mostly...supporting our little thing (did i mention supporting?) here. Without you, we are just another bad idea that actually came to fruition. We're proud you like records--good ones, we're proud to see bands from here releasing beautiful record albums™...Everything Falls Apart, Sonorous Gale, Failures Union have all been kind enough to allow us to sell their hard work put to full length vinyl. Roger Bryan and the Orphans, in late '08 too. In addition, there have been great singles, compact discs and cassette demos--the feral Kid Records stable, self released cd-r and tape demos by some bands we are proud to call our own.

In the coming days, we'll get deeper into our favorite releases, re-issues, songs, singles and all that...but a quick "thank you" to our customers, supporters, volunteers, employees and my mom who is always there when the phone gets turned off! And of course, dad who is watching from above--hopefully satisfied we are still standing, trying to get better at what we are doing every day--and will someday clean up behind the counter and get organized in the back.

"Acid Rock!"


A few new releases, re-releases and various thangs we've brought into our abode lately you may be interested in (by no means is this everything...i'm running out of '09 here)

thee Oh Sees - Dog Poison Quite a feat that the OhSees, a band who put out too much material, have battened down the quality control hatches the last two years. In this year alone they released the amazing HELP lp--one i thought would top my years favorites, then release this complete departure musically (less of the garage crunch, more flutes). Another gem...some might even (and have within our own ranks--mutiny!)say it's their best since '08. Here's a band that seems to be hitting a peak of sorts...releasing great albums and not the same albums. We love them, we can agree on that. We think you might, too.

Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind 12" A collection of tracks created before, during and after the making of their epic Merriweather Post Pavilion double album from earlier this year is by no means an odds and sods collection of casatways--rather songs that just didnt fit on the mammoth album for one reason or another. It has received rave reviews from fans and sketchy sources alike. But we are able to draw our own conclusions. 180 grams and with free download.

ABRASIVE WHEELS - When the Punks Go Marching In
Though formed around the time of the first wave of punk in Leeds, UK-the Abrasive Wheels would not release their classic "When The Punks Go Marching In" album until 1982, during the UK82 period.
Finally seeing a proper, non-picture disc (blech) re-issue treatment, as are many great, yet often forgotten bands of the era.

BARONESS - [Blue Album] Savannah, Georgia's BARONESS (originally from lexington, VA) would be shortchanged if they were referred to as simply a metal band; their ravenous fans know they are much more that. Hot on the heels of last years acclaimed "Red Record", the "Blue Record" received 4 and 1/2 stars from the reliable All Music Guide who boldly declared it on of the years top hard rock releases, period. More mind blowing artwork (from guitarist John Baizley), incredible deluxe double 180 gram vinyl with beautiful inserts and, of course, a free download. These came to us directly from RELAPSE, so you won't pay anymore than RELAPSE would charge you. This is a lot of record for not a lot of loot, in this day and age. Remember if you're a fan of anything RELAPSE related, we have established a direct line with them to bring you the best possible prices on their releases.

the FEELIES - Crazy Rhythms - "Of the countless bands to emerge from the New York City underground during the post-punk era, few if any were as unique and influential as the Feelies; nerdy, nervous, and noisy, even decades later their droning, skittering avant-garde pop remains a key touchstone of the American indie music scene."-AllMusicGuide (5 stars)
Here is a little piece of greatness maybe overlooked in a year of long overdue re-issues--The Feelies first lp released in 1980. Herky, jerky, VU influenced indie blueprint restored in its original glory. Also, ask Weezer if the cover looks familiar?

FLAMIN GROOVIES - Flamingo lp/Teenage Head lp/Slow Death lp.
Deluxe reissues of legendary San Fran cult band, often dubbed an "American Stones minus the blues with added nods to early rock and roll", the 'Groovies found themselves as a band out of time playing greasy rock and roll in hippie dominated Haight-Asbury in the late 60's. They remained a valid cult band who were incredibly influential regardless and found even greater acclaim in the friendlier confines of Europe. After Roy Loney split in the early 70s, the Groovies forged on cutting their classic power pop anthem and signature song, "Shake Some Action", which can be found on the 71-73 comp, SLOW DEATH. Released by the good folks at Norton Records, who also supply us with the Sonics, Gories, Dictators and loads more garage/soul albums--again, coming direct from the source.

FLAMING LIPS - Embryonic 2x lp - Not many bands are capable of holding their fans interest and releasing credible albums over a 25 year span. The Flaming Lips have managed this feat, continuing to make respected and acclaimed albums nearly 25 years after their debut, while re-inventing themselves countless times along the way. This time, it appears the band has taken bits from their noiser, wilder earlier days and started another "period".
Embryonic is another well packaged, double lp that has been a great seller and kept longtime fans eager for more. We seem to have a hard time keeping them in stock for long, so don't let this one slip by you.

HOMOSTUPIDS - the Load Skull Music. With Lean Steve ex-Nine Shocks Terror, an ex-Buffalo neandrathal-man and one of the most tireless drummers in the biz, Cleveland's wild HOMOSTUPIDS unleash their second "long player"--and while it may be their best "sounding" recording to date (aww, may be their best record) the band still sounds like frenzied cavemen with guitars. A slight evolution in sound from the Intern, the Load is one giant punch in the face and a kick to ribs before you realize you've hit the asphalt.

wait....theres more, including a blast of Matador re-stocks (Pixies, Pavement, GBV and more, as well as the latest lp's from Mission of Burma, the Mountain Goats and up and coming, critically acclaimed Lp's from Kurt Vile. Also, there is the latest from Yo La Tengo, the sprawling double, Popular Songs.

From the land of Dischord comes the anxiously anticipated re-issue of Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart, their great major label debut back in the hands of it's creators. Also, Gray Matter, Fugazi, some Dischord comps from years past and re-stocks of the classics.

Also in-stock is the Stone Roses self titled brit-pop masterwork, a snazzy re-issue commemorating the 25th anniversary of it's release.

Oh hey...look what the SST folks found in the back corner of their warehouse....a pallet full of ORIGINAL Saint Vitus albums. Just in time for the stoner rockers to discover them, re-discover them or just blaze to them. The label that usually supplies us with Black Flag, Husker Du, Minutemen and Descendents ( Milo is BACK!) records unearthed original copies of Born Too Young, Mournful Cries and the 2x lp comp of the early years, Heavier Than Thou. These are NOT re-issues, they are original copies of the albums long thought lost, sold out or...who knows. Whatever the case may be, they are here for now. We are not sure when the well will run dry, though. Now please find a pallet of Dicks, (LA) Stains and (Canadian) Subhumans records.
-----------------------------------------------------------seven inches----
Low Threat Profile 7" 10 blasters on seven inches for five bucks. I'm no math wiz, but that sounds like a good deal to me. More on the way from Deep Six, including a long out of print INFEST reissue.
Marked Men/This Is My Fist split 7"
Lemuria - Ozzy 7"
Fresh & Onlys - Trouble In Mind/Second One To Know 7"
Useless Eaters - sucked in 7"
Rational Animals - Distorted Temptation ep
well, thats about enough to absorb for now. There will be a second part to this update with some staff favorites from the year (and other totally objective shit) along with reports of recent re-stocks from Real Estate, Mantles, Crime, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Hot Snakes (Suicide Invoice is here!) and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. And just when the hell those Spacemen 3 re-issues are coming in.

Until then, keep warm and get down to Scratch and see whats happening. After all, we can't tell you everything new that is in the store...that would kill the surprise of finding that thing you've been after. And take me forever to type. Thanks again for all your support, on behalf of Team Scratch.
something else to look forward to in the year 2010:

details forthcoming.

anchovies 1.2.10

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A Long Overdue Update: PART ONE!

So a lot of things have come and gone since the last update, but heres a bit of what we have to offer. Since so much is expected next week, this will be a two-parter. First things first, as Nunzio used to say...
A special thank you to FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS for playing an early fall in-store performance.
Led by Exit Strategy/local crimestopper Mark C. and joined by Failures Union Tony F. and all-around local hero, Renee Rockfool Roberts on percussion.

Speaking of FREE in-store performances, Spiral Scratch is proud to announce one of our favorite aritsts for the last 15 years or so (through his work in the almighty Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, and most recently, the Reigning Sound--Greg Cartwright will perform solo on Sunday November 22 at 1 pm! Be punctual as space is limited. This will take place the night after the Reigning Sound play Mohawk Place. Of course we will have all the Reigning Sound albums in stock, as well as most of the Oblivians prime material and the most recent:

Greg Cartwright - Live at the Circle A - Greg "ed oblivian" Cartwrights first live solo foray gives you a taste of the pure honesty and soul when everything except the guitar and voice is stripped away. Recorded in Milwaukee and released on Dusty Medical, a very cool label run by an ol' Milwaukee rock and roller in his own right. Lp includes bonus 7" and is available now!

Lullaby - Recently arrived and going quick, Neko Case is a good example of the cream rising to the top in an overcrowded genre. After starting off as a New Pornographer, she has successfully set off on her own with an onslaught of solo acclaimed solo albums. Much of her back catalog remains in stock as well.

KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - Invisible Girl - The eagerly anticipated third long player from a band who mix doo wop and garage rock--both with the highest regard and respect, while also exposing a sick and twisted sense of humor on other tracks. Their talent cannot be overlooked, though--their songwriting and delivery is pure as the music they worship. One of the years finest already and a challenging feat, considering thier debut has acheived 'classic album' status as they grow out of their cult band britches and into the hands and ears the world over. Expect them to get the attention they deserve as "Invisible Girl" gets it right again.

CRIME - San Francisco's STILL Doomed - Reissued once again by Swami Records, CRIME--"San Franciscos First and Only Rock and Roll Band", as they humbly coined themselves, represent Northern California's first wave of punk (influencing and/or covered by bands like Flipper, Sonic Youth and more). Crime were anti-punk punks--dressing in SFPD uniforms and releasing their own singles at a time when such acts were unheard of. Musically, they took Chuck Berry-era riffs, added a dopey vocal sneer and had a complete disregard for tunign their instruments--which they clearly could play. For further reference, check youtube for their famous live performance at San Quentin Prison! Classic.
BUILT TO SPILL - There Is No Enemy
We wondered how Built To Spills latest, a double lp with accompaning bonus cd, earned itself a "parental advisory" sticker marring the cover artwork when this first arrived. Perhaps learning that this may be Built To Spills most urgent efforst in at least 10 years (it also earned them a 7.9 on the Church of Pitchfork), maybe it all makes sense. Described as "unpredictable" and "unexpectedly terrific", this might not be one to pass by.

LEMURIA - Ozzy 7" The only new 7" to make the new update (though we have loads of new ones in stock lately), this comes from our own LEMURIA and was recently officially released a week or so at a release show in St. Catherines, Ontario. Wonderfully packaged in a heavy cardstock fold-in sleeve. We are proud to be carrying these so soon and hope you take advantage of their proximity! Grab one before they disappear, silly.

JUDGE - What It Meant: The Complete Discography
Classic NYC Straight Edge hardcore (ex-Youth of Today) band operating around the late 80s and into the early 90s. Their heavy message was backed with heavy music--metallic hardcore that would dominate much of the 90s, especially in NYC. Here lies the "complete discography"--inside a well packaged gatefold album including many of their painfully expensive collectable releases.

HUMAN MESS - Follow You Home - Spinning at 45 rpm's, this is pure hardcore punk, stripped down and raw as hell. Fans of early Poison Idea, take note--don't pass this one by. Recorded brutally LOUD, the songs pass you by quick but you'll want to take a few listens reagrdless. I've read comparisons as varied as Discharge to Angry Samoans but do yourself a favor and forget all that and take for what it is. A killer 12".

PORTUGAL. THE MAN - It's Complicated Being A Wizard
- Though classified as an ep, this one sided 12" pushes the limits with nearly 25 minutes of music on one side, while the flip features an etching of a drawing by PtM's John Gourley. Also included is the obligitory mp3 download card.

More blazing hardcore-punk from members of Government Warning and Wasted Time. Fast, tuneful and strikingly fun. This was not reviewed in Pitchfork, but if it were, we predict it would have received a 7.9, along with 5 paragraphs of bullshit.
Speaking of Government Warning...

Highly anticipated second full length from Richmond, VA's Govenrment Warning-following a killer debut and a flurry of singles. A step up with songwriting and tunes that call to mind "the golden age of hardcore punk" ranging from speedy blasters to hooky mid-tempo thrashers, this band is the real deal. Great recording from a band that is for real.

Also, just in this week:
New Pains At Being Pure at Heart 12" AND Remix 12"

We also just received a cool box directly from NORTON RECORDS which includes brand new re-issues of FLAMIN' GROOVIES "TEENAGE HEAD" and "FLAMINGO" lp's, as well as a few from the SONICS- "HERE COME THE SONICS" and "SAVAGE YOUNG SONICS". Since these came direct from the source-we offer the lowest prices possible on these and many other titles.
Fans of ROKY ERICKSON will be pleased to see the double lp "Don't Knock The Rok!" (with the Aliens) as well as an import version of his first album with the Aliens. The Double LP "The Evil One", which features some of Ericksons best work and compiles his first two albums with the Aliens in a deluxe gatefold presentation should be back in stock by next week. While you wait, we have the 13th Floor Elevators "Psychedelic Sounds" in MONO form at the "Nice Price" as well as the "You're Gonna Miss Me" documentary DVD.

Also back in stock:
GALAXIE 500 reissues! All 3!
JESUS LIZARD resissues! Cheaper than INSOUND!
MARKED MEN "Fix My Brain"
OM "God Is Good" second with Albini at the knobs!
RAEKWON "Only Built For Cuban Linx" Double LP Classic!

Lots of 7" product in, as well! Stay tuned for part 2 of the November update!

Thank you for your continued support!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009



It's always busy in the fall for new releases. So we gotta make a little room. That means our already ROCK BOTTOM prices on vinyl, cd and dvd have been ruthlessly slashed (by our ruthless price slasher). More details about that later...
First, the new booty:
POLVO - In Prism The first rumblings in 12 years or so from this great 90s establishment, released as a double 12" that was mastered at 45 rpms, is already being lauded as one of those rare "reunion" lps that is on par with the bands best work. Comes packaged with great artwork, a gatefold sleeve and the now obligatory high quality download. With 3/4ths of the original lineup still in-tact, this is one reunion not to be overlooked. Polvo never really got their due so the "cash-in reunion tour" that is so popular these days is not a factor here. Polvo is back.
Still in stock was their last album before the silence...SHAPES and the 1992 album, COR-CRANE STREET.

STEVE EARLE - TOWNES (limited 2x lp) Grammy award winner Steve Earle, who has amassed an incredible following in past decade or so, pays homage (finally) to his mentor of sorts, the legendary Townes Van Zandt--both troubled, yet sincere, great American drifter singer-songwriters. (Townes Van Zandt died in 1997, but has received overdue acclaim recently as well culminating in a documentary film released this year).
Here is Earle performing a double albums worth of Van Zandt covers-both acoustically and plugged in with a backing band.

COALESCE - Functioning on Impatience [10 year anniversary press-limited] Without getting into the breakdown/scum stats of colors, numbers and whatnot--here is the limited 10 year anniversary edition of 90s hardcore band COALESCE - Functioning on Impatience. Coming in a skeletal die-cut cover and 180 grams, here is your (brief) window to own a piece of hardcore history (or be a nerdy collector). Whichever it is, we snagged a few and they are gracing the racks right now.

REIGNING SOUND - Break Up Break Down - Memphis garage rock legend Greg Cartwright sudden and drastic shift from raunchy lo-fi raunchy rock and roll to quiet, country-tinged quiet mood pieces on the Reigning Sound's debut, Break Up Break Down (2001) Put this up against yer favorite alt-country record, though never christened as such, and discover a masterpiece that was criminally under the worlds radar at the time. They would eventually return to a more uptempo rock and roll band (see this years Love & Curses, and catch them live at the Mohawk Place in November--2 days before ex-Oblivian band mate passes through town!-- Jack "Oblivian" Yarber, an equally talented singer-songwriter in his own right). This debut is just now seeing it's proper vinyl issue as Sympathy For The Record Industry resurrects itself, unleashing collectable vinyl pieces back to fit a working stiff's wages. Also in stock were the long sought-after OBLIVIANS 10" records, "Six Of The Best" and "Oblivians". Dig the real down-home punk rock of the 90s!

EVERYTHING FALLS APART - Relief lp Brand new recordings from long running local hardcore outfit. Everything Falls Apart is one of a few bands who got this old geezer running back to the basements. On Relief, they build on the raging hardcore of their early singles and mature into a more song oriented (hey, the early songs were killer too...i dont know what im trying to say here) approach ala Naked Raygun--but still with much more power behind it. Great sound (recorded at HiLo Studios by Matt Smith and mastered by the legendary John Golden) and fine packaging to go along with it. An all around great effort from a great band. In stock. Release show 9.26 at Argyle.

PEARL JAM - Backspacer 2x lp Ninth studio album by the long running Seattle rockers, Backspacer is also available at Target™, as you probably know by now. However, you will not have to dodge red & khaki clad stressed out "team members", long lines, or blazng red shopping carts full of big bags of catfood, baby diapers or Cherokee/Masimo brand clothing. We have our single aisle and it's always an express aisle. Anyway, bad jokes aside, this is Pearl Jam's first since 2006 and produced by Brendon O'Brien, whom they last worked with in 1998 (Yield lp) and features the artwork of editorial cartoonist Tom Tomorrow. Double album within a deluxe gatefold sleeve. Hot shit.

More incoming:

VIVIAN GIRLS - Live on WFMU lp (1000 pressed)
JUDGE - Discography 2xLP/CD

CREATION - Best of... LP

? and the MYSTERIANS - 96 Tears LP

KID DYNAMITE - cheap shots...youth anthems LP

DINOSAUR JR. - Farm/Green Mind restock lp's

upcoming any day:

David Bazan, Avett Brothers, Pearl Jam, MAYYORS 12", Hot Snakes!, OhSee's, Fresh & Onlys, Kurt Vile, Girls, Yo La Tengo (recently sold out new 2x lp) and a long overdue order with

Not at all limited to the cover shots you see here, but as many crucial back catalog classics and essentials direct from the SST Warehouse & Greenhouse now relocated to Texas. Cheap!
Black Flag, Descendents, Husker Du, Minutemen, fIREHOSE and more! LP's, 7"'s, 12" eps!
A real shitstorm of classic american music at the lowest prices possible.

It's not dead stock...but it's kinda getting in the way. Great titles that get one chance at finding a happy home before they are returned for store credit. Some as low as cost...some teetering below. The BLACK CRATES are now stuffed...some slashed as much as $4 off! No bullshit titles (we try not to order that stuff to begin with).

In addition ALL DVD's are $1 off sticker price. If you have seen our modest selection of DVD's, you know--quality reigns supreme over quantity.

Stop by and have a look-see....we'll be here! We hope...

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming updates, show announcements and more. Thanks for reading.

-anchovies 9.23.09

Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of Summer Update


Approaching our 1 year anniversary, Spiral Scratch is very excited to announce our upcoming used jazz & blues sections as well as a totally packed collection of 'previously enjoyed 7" records/45's (everything from hardcore to soul) which we will be unveiling in time for our anniversary "gala".
Slashed prices, unseen used back stock and some rare records and dvd's ar
e just part of the whole sh-bang.

In the meantime, check out some of the latest incoming while it lasts. We have established some direct ordering deals with Hydrahead Records, among others, and bring you some of the latest rockin' swill for the lowest prices imaginable.
Dig it, man.

JAY REATARD - Watch Me Fall lp - The first official full length for Matador (following last years explosive single collection), Reatard (ne: Lindsay) continues to drift away from his manic punk roots of The Reatards (and loads of other projects like Lost Sounds, Angry Angles, etc) and drifts more into catchy indie ROCK territory with this new batch of songs. Say what you will about his 'tude--the guy has worked hard to get where he is at and continues to back it up with another album full of cool. Poppy, aggressive (at times) and contained on this well produced long player, which officially turns the corner for Reatard--loaded full of of acoustic guitars, strings, melodies that stick and well crafted songs. Coming direct from Matador, we have seen this one listed at $5 more than what we have it for. Choose wisely. They're moving quick.

VENOM - Black Metal lp English black metal pioneers, Venom's BLACK METAL lp, the bands second album, is considered a benchmark and /or blue print for extreme metal. In addition to its greatness, its influence on black, death and thrash metal is massive--regardless of their abilities or criticism thereof. Totally satanic and lightning fast, they have stood the test of time with young fans still seeking them out.
We still have a copy or two if the IRISH ASSAULT lp, which compiles early radio broadcasts, demos and other odds and ends. Serious Venom fans should not overlook this high quality "import", either. Very limited quantites. 180 grams on what i believe to be clear vinyl.

NO NEW YORK Compilation - V/A - This incredibly influencial and critically acclaimed collection was originally released in 1978 under the production of Brian Eno. Containing 4 bands (4 tracks each), No New York was thee seminal document of the short lived New York City "No Wave" scene and features James Chance and the Contortions, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (Lydia Lunch), Mars & DNA. We've seen originals go for $40-$50, though this Russian import (180 gram) is well under $20. Described as ferociously avante-garde and ugly music, it's effects can still be seen in independent music today--though in a much more homoginized state. Love it or despise it, it's here for you.

TV GHOST - Cold Fish Tom Shannon of the CHEATER SLICKS remarked, "This album sounds like a nightmare." I think that was meant as a compliment. This Lafayette, Indiana band ushers in a vile and squalid new disposition to ugly art punk and carves out a black hole of pestilence that will delight its sufferers to no end. If one can swim through the murky grime long enough to let one's frazzled senses adjust, it's clear how effectively TV Ghost incorporates the licentious nuances of The Cramps' earliest scuzz, no wave's cacophony, and Suicide's terrifying throb alongside cavernous bellows from the depths of the third layer of hell.

TORCHE - HEALER/ACROSS THE SHEILDS 12" w/ dvd - Their latest offering, packaged with a dvd inside and some wild cover art. Limited quantites.

some more re-stocks this week:
Dinosaur Jr. - Farm lp
Dinosaur Jr. - Green Mind lp
Why - Elephant Eyelash
Why - Alopecia
Harvey Milk - Life...The Best Game In Town lp (last copies)
Big Business - Head For The Shallow
Big Business - Mind The Drift
Big Business - Biz-Bot Re-Mixes
Grizzly Bear - Horn of Plenty lp
Can - Moonshake
Charles Mingus - The Clown
Forgotten Rebels - In Love With The System lp
Akron/Family - Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound (playing buffalo soon!)
Sonic Youth - EVOL lp
Sonic Youth - Sister lp
Sonic Youth - The Eternal (their latest! lowest price anywhere!!)
New Order - LowLife
New Order - 1981-1982 (not the expensive re-issues!! Factory Records imports @$11!!)
Icons of Filth- Onward Christian Soldier (last copies...these were a bitch to track down)
Clouds - We Are Above You
King Tuff - Was Dead
The Sword - Gods of the Earth
The Sword - Age of Winters
Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters
Dead Kennedys - Bedtime for Democracy
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams
Wavves - s/t
Mogwai - Mr. Beast 2x lp

TY SEGALL - Lemons/TY SEGALL - s/t
As the northern california psych-garage scene flourishes, you can safely put TY SEGALL among the best coming out of that scene, or any scene for that matter these days. His latest, Lemons, will undoubtedly be among the favorites we've heard this year--no brainer top 10 material here; even an improvement on last years self titled debut which won us over, too. Lemons confidentally builds on the debut with better songs, better sound--but dont dismiss the first--it's just we're seeing a guy improve on his craft. Using a lo-fi buzz and nod to 60's psychedelic garage music (he covers Captain Beefhearts immortal "Dropout Boogie"), Segall writes great songs and keeps getting better. Not the overly raucous garage rock, but a more song driven, late 60s approach. I couldnt put this one down for weeks and it's even received acclaim in publications we normally sneer at. Perhaps his appeal is more widespread than we imagined (though Barrels declared long ago: "This kids gonna be huge"). Both of Segalls' lp's are in stock, and he has recently joined forces with San Frans SIC ALPS, whose double album singles collection also remains in stock. Inquire within!

13th Floor Elevators - Psychedelic Sounds of... Speaking of 60's psychedelic/garage music, we'd be remiss not to mention we are holding some copies of thee pivotal grandaddy of the genre...the first 13th Floor Elevators album in glorious MONO--it's definitive form according to experts on the subject. International Artists™ edition. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the frequent appearance of their second album, Easter Everywhere. In addition, we are carrying the fantastic Roky Erickson and the Aliens albums, including the A+ The Evil One 2x lp, the rare Gremlins Have Pictures collection of odds and ends and Weird Tales.

  • URGH...A MUSIC WAR on DVD!!!
  • BEST OF FLIPSIDE VIDEO: Volume 1 (featuring Bad Religion, Dickies, Weirdos and Circle Jerks! Actually this is volume 1+6 from the original series that was on VHS with mucho added footage and full live sets from the bands. Great quality footage. Great bands. No lo-fi camcorder crap here...the Flipside crew used the best gear they had at the time, used multiple angles and best sound available.

Thats all we're tipping for now. As stated in previous updates, keep tuned for anniversary happenings, our used 7" unveiling and more incomin stock.

Also, drop in and check out our out-of-town shos calender and dont miss out on any cool shows happening up the road apiece.

-anchovies 9.14.09

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Los Scratchos Locos: Late August Update!

Back In Scratch...

TEAMSCRATCH™, under the watchful and helpful eye of Mr. C. Barrels, e.s.q., came together to cover a sleepy week and a half Mexican retreat taken by myself and new wife. We thank them all for their help during this time and now are feverishly getting the hot rails to hell back on track to bring you some cool new releases, re-issues and otherwise essential records to keep you off the streets.
We are also proud to be carrying the print zine, All Things Ordinary #1--in limited supply:the
creation of you-know-who...(derek neuland, of course). Pocket sized and, as you would expect, a great read! In the back with the other zines...don't be fooled by it's size--its packed with cool.


PISSED JEANS - King of Jeans (sub pop) - Third time is the charm for these filthy Allentown, PA noisy rockers. Well received and selling like griddle cakes, King of Jeans is being touted as the bands best work since the early singles. We have already had to re-order a new batch, so don't delay. They recently blew the doors off the Mohawk Place, in humble fashion, at a Spiral Scratch sanctioned event.

GRIZZLY BEAR - Horn of Plenty (kanine) - The latest from this acclaimed lo-fi Brooklyn based unit who are on the upswing as of late, recently appearing on a much talked about (at least in thisd store) appearance on late night tv.

REIGNING SOUND - Love and Curses (in the red) - Greg "Oblivian" Cartwright could very well be Americas most overlooked and most deeply honest sounding great songwriter. Unfairly pigeonholed as a "garage rocker" due to his past indiscretions as an Oblivian/Compulsive Gambler, Cartwright has been delivering some of the most honest and pure American rock and roll under the Reigning Sound--whose last lp appeared in 2004. Love and Curses does not disappoint and even sits along the bands finest work--but you can see for yourself, as we have all their stuff right here for you. ....................................................................

SOUND CARTOGRAPHY - Volume 1 Another fine offering from Dave Baileys NancyJo Records, in concunction with Warm Bath. Sound Cartography features the prolific Pat Bolger (Running For Cover, Gas Chamber), Jon Kortland (Iron Lung), Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil) and Dave Bailey himself. From the NancyJo blog:
"Sound Cartography is concerned with the investigation of how individuals react when presented with unfamiliar material. Using a linear sequence, each consecutive participant ultimately determines the structure & feel of the record, taking cues from the previous submissions. A libretto echoing out from the sound of space stations slowly deteriorating."

Beautiful packaging on a fold-out heavy duty chipboard cover and artwork provided by Mark Sirek and Shepard. 300 copies.

HIGH PLACES SOFT CIRCLE split 12" (with download)

COCTEAU TWINS - Head Over Heels - The second, career re-defining album--regarded as their finest, Head Over Heels came out on 1983 0n the 4AD label. The re-issues are still on 4AD and, we think, a little cheaper than you'll find them anywhere else. More importantly,

RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS - Destiny Street - The follow up to the untouchable Blank Generation lp, this one is unfortunately overlooked and lost in comparison--which is unfair, because it's a killer album with several bona fide classic tracks.

SLIM HARPO - Raining In My Heart - Slim's first from 1961 on the Excello label. Crucial blues.

KINKS - Preservation Act 1 / Preservation Act 2 - 1973 and 1974. Ray Davies embarks on a complex concept which became these two albums (sold seperately, batteries not included). Some of the great, mch of it overlooked, great Kinks songs can be found on these two deluxe limited run 180 gram reissues.

SIC ALPS - A Long Way Around To A Shortcut 2xlp - The elusive singles and odds-n-ends from this acclaimed psych-garage band. pitchfork review .

ASONS - Independence lp (midwest hardcore punk legends debut 1982 classic)

SCREAMERS - Demos 1977-1978 - Though this seminal band never made it to the studio proper, these great quality demos serve as a document to the seminal synth-punk Screamers-who were a key cog of the LA punk scene in the late 70s, though they never recorded a proper album or toured. Features In A Better World, Vertigo and more.
FORGOTTEN REBELS - In Love With The System lp (first album, original versions on Star)
BIG STAR - #1 & Radio City lp's (#3 enroute) - The first three lp's from Memphis gods.
ELLIOT SMITH - XO lp & Figure 8 2x lp - Back in print and back in stock, in their original presentations and 180 grams of wax.
RUDY RAY MOORE - Dolomite Soundtrack
ROY AYERS - Coffey Soundtrack

Spiral Jazz
In anticipation to unveiling our used jazz records, which have been compiling for the last 6 months, we've began bringing in some classic re-issue recordings from John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman, Brother Jack McDuff, Miles Davis and more. So dont be surpirsed if you flip passed Mingus' Clown lp between the Misfits 'Static Age' and a reissued power pop masterpiece by Milk N Cookies.

7" Explosion!!!
I: New Stuff

BLANK DOGS - Waiting 7"
The perfect primer to their debut double album and slew of mysterious 12" records. Finally, Joy Division/Cure worship done right with a mind of its own.
LEMURIA/OFF WITH THEIR HEADS split 7" - Our own LEMURIA-- a band who has earned their stripes through hard work and cool pop songs team up with OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. Only a few left.
TY SEGALL - CENTS 7"- More garage-pop perfection from northern california. A gem. In anticipation of his Lemons lp, which should be here any day. Who is this Ty Segall, you say? We also have a copy or two two of his debut long player (pictured to the left) in stock.
LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS - Fredonia imprint Whaleplane Records offers up this cd-r equipped slab. RIYL: Mogwai/Ghosts & Vodka
*coming soon: Gaslight Anthem 7"'s, Gas, Drunkdriver (new*), DryRot, Kim Phuc, Hard Skin, Cult Ritual, Direct Control and more.*

**Also stay tuned for the super secret unveiling of our coveted (and massive) used 7" collection...record flippers, stay away; Barrels will break your dirty double-dealing thumbs. It's a treasure chest, painstakingly researched and priced by our hardworking, double-shifting Chuck Barrels. These will go public in the coming days, so keep checking the blog as this is where it will be announced publicly.**


MISFITS - 3 HITS FROM HELL 7"/ Bullet 7"
- Misfits vinyl fans rejoice: you can now own these elusive and expensive rarities for around 7 bucks. They sound great, too.
DICKS - Hate The Police 7"/Peace? 7" Hate The Police os one of the ultimate punk rock documents. Period. Essential in every sense of the word. Featuring "All Night Fever", with Bufx on the mic.
MUMMIES - Uncontrollable Urge/Girl You Want. Kings of the 90s garage explosion, wrapped in ace bandages and banging on broken farfisa organs. Doing Devo, wrapped in a fake SubPop sleeve with the SubPop q&a between the label and the band. Fantastic.
NIRVANA - Smells Like Nirvana 7"/Foretaste 7". Unissued studio recordings from 1991. 4 songs on each records.
BAD RELIGION - 1993 Peel Session - 4 tracks recorded for the late mr. peel from the Recipe For Hate era. They also do "What Can You Do" from the Suffer album. All live in the studio non-lp cuts. Cheaper than the first time we had it, but painfully scarce.

Theres more...but we'll save that for later. Until then, thanks again to our customers (not the 2 whiners!) and everyone at Team Scratch for their support, time, sweat, blood, tears, bad jokes, good jokes --anchovies 8/26/09


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