Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A Long Overdue Update: PART ONE!

So a lot of things have come and gone since the last update, but heres a bit of what we have to offer. Since so much is expected next week, this will be a two-parter. First things first, as Nunzio used to say...
A special thank you to FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS for playing an early fall in-store performance.
Led by Exit Strategy/local crimestopper Mark C. and joined by Failures Union Tony F. and all-around local hero, Renee Rockfool Roberts on percussion.

Speaking of FREE in-store performances, Spiral Scratch is proud to announce one of our favorite aritsts for the last 15 years or so (through his work in the almighty Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, and most recently, the Reigning Sound--Greg Cartwright will perform solo on Sunday November 22 at 1 pm! Be punctual as space is limited. This will take place the night after the Reigning Sound play Mohawk Place. Of course we will have all the Reigning Sound albums in stock, as well as most of the Oblivians prime material and the most recent:

Greg Cartwright - Live at the Circle A - Greg "ed oblivian" Cartwrights first live solo foray gives you a taste of the pure honesty and soul when everything except the guitar and voice is stripped away. Recorded in Milwaukee and released on Dusty Medical, a very cool label run by an ol' Milwaukee rock and roller in his own right. Lp includes bonus 7" and is available now!

Lullaby - Recently arrived and going quick, Neko Case is a good example of the cream rising to the top in an overcrowded genre. After starting off as a New Pornographer, she has successfully set off on her own with an onslaught of solo acclaimed solo albums. Much of her back catalog remains in stock as well.

KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - Invisible Girl - The eagerly anticipated third long player from a band who mix doo wop and garage rock--both with the highest regard and respect, while also exposing a sick and twisted sense of humor on other tracks. Their talent cannot be overlooked, though--their songwriting and delivery is pure as the music they worship. One of the years finest already and a challenging feat, considering thier debut has acheived 'classic album' status as they grow out of their cult band britches and into the hands and ears the world over. Expect them to get the attention they deserve as "Invisible Girl" gets it right again.

CRIME - San Francisco's STILL Doomed - Reissued once again by Swami Records, CRIME--"San Franciscos First and Only Rock and Roll Band", as they humbly coined themselves, represent Northern California's first wave of punk (influencing and/or covered by bands like Flipper, Sonic Youth and more). Crime were anti-punk punks--dressing in SFPD uniforms and releasing their own singles at a time when such acts were unheard of. Musically, they took Chuck Berry-era riffs, added a dopey vocal sneer and had a complete disregard for tunign their instruments--which they clearly could play. For further reference, check youtube for their famous live performance at San Quentin Prison! Classic.
BUILT TO SPILL - There Is No Enemy
We wondered how Built To Spills latest, a double lp with accompaning bonus cd, earned itself a "parental advisory" sticker marring the cover artwork when this first arrived. Perhaps learning that this may be Built To Spills most urgent efforst in at least 10 years (it also earned them a 7.9 on the Church of Pitchfork), maybe it all makes sense. Described as "unpredictable" and "unexpectedly terrific", this might not be one to pass by.

LEMURIA - Ozzy 7" The only new 7" to make the new update (though we have loads of new ones in stock lately), this comes from our own LEMURIA and was recently officially released a week or so at a release show in St. Catherines, Ontario. Wonderfully packaged in a heavy cardstock fold-in sleeve. We are proud to be carrying these so soon and hope you take advantage of their proximity! Grab one before they disappear, silly.

JUDGE - What It Meant: The Complete Discography
Classic NYC Straight Edge hardcore (ex-Youth of Today) band operating around the late 80s and into the early 90s. Their heavy message was backed with heavy music--metallic hardcore that would dominate much of the 90s, especially in NYC. Here lies the "complete discography"--inside a well packaged gatefold album including many of their painfully expensive collectable releases.

HUMAN MESS - Follow You Home - Spinning at 45 rpm's, this is pure hardcore punk, stripped down and raw as hell. Fans of early Poison Idea, take note--don't pass this one by. Recorded brutally LOUD, the songs pass you by quick but you'll want to take a few listens reagrdless. I've read comparisons as varied as Discharge to Angry Samoans but do yourself a favor and forget all that and take for what it is. A killer 12".

PORTUGAL. THE MAN - It's Complicated Being A Wizard
- Though classified as an ep, this one sided 12" pushes the limits with nearly 25 minutes of music on one side, while the flip features an etching of a drawing by PtM's John Gourley. Also included is the obligitory mp3 download card.

More blazing hardcore-punk from members of Government Warning and Wasted Time. Fast, tuneful and strikingly fun. This was not reviewed in Pitchfork, but if it were, we predict it would have received a 7.9, along with 5 paragraphs of bullshit.
Speaking of Government Warning...

Highly anticipated second full length from Richmond, VA's Govenrment Warning-following a killer debut and a flurry of singles. A step up with songwriting and tunes that call to mind "the golden age of hardcore punk" ranging from speedy blasters to hooky mid-tempo thrashers, this band is the real deal. Great recording from a band that is for real.

Also, just in this week:
New Pains At Being Pure at Heart 12" AND Remix 12"

We also just received a cool box directly from NORTON RECORDS which includes brand new re-issues of FLAMIN' GROOVIES "TEENAGE HEAD" and "FLAMINGO" lp's, as well as a few from the SONICS- "HERE COME THE SONICS" and "SAVAGE YOUNG SONICS". Since these came direct from the source-we offer the lowest prices possible on these and many other titles.
Fans of ROKY ERICKSON will be pleased to see the double lp "Don't Knock The Rok!" (with the Aliens) as well as an import version of his first album with the Aliens. The Double LP "The Evil One", which features some of Ericksons best work and compiles his first two albums with the Aliens in a deluxe gatefold presentation should be back in stock by next week. While you wait, we have the 13th Floor Elevators "Psychedelic Sounds" in MONO form at the "Nice Price" as well as the "You're Gonna Miss Me" documentary DVD.

Also back in stock:
GALAXIE 500 reissues! All 3!
JESUS LIZARD resissues! Cheaper than INSOUND!
MARKED MEN "Fix My Brain"
OM "God Is Good" second with Albini at the knobs!
RAEKWON "Only Built For Cuban Linx" Double LP Classic!

Lots of 7" product in, as well! Stay tuned for part 2 of the November update!

Thank you for your continued support!