Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post-Memorial Day Weekend Cookin's at thee Scratch

A few new items of note we'd like you to know about found there way to 2531 Delaware this week, along with some crucial re-stocks and plenty of previously enjoyed titles on both vinyl and silvery plastic varities.

TYVEK s/t lp Tyvek have been churning out acclaimed singles for the last few years--on the somewhat nerdy and super catchy lower fidelity angle. They are the type of band who can rope in fans of indie, garage and punk. The long player, released on the high profile Siltbreeze imprint, (and it's "controversial" cover) steps things up on all fronts. They will be in town on June 19th at the Moahwk study up. Singles still in stock, too.

check out Air Conditioner

WALLS - Tread On Me 12"
"We all decided that after the first batch of noise rock that we wrote we would make a punk record. Something we could really bug out to. Something we could break shit to. This is that record. It has the same ugly, negative vibe that the self-titled LP has but it's faster and shorter"

- On the heels of their critically acclaimed Primary Colours lp comes this 2 (long) song 7" record. Get 'em while they last.

SIC ALPS - U.S. EZ - Restock of the quickly sold out lp.

SCREECHING WEASEL - Boogadaboogada.../My Brain Hurts - More re-stocks of recently reissued (with new gatefold covers and artwork) 90's classics.

THE INTELLIGENCE - Fake Surfers "Fake Surfers .... plays to the Intelligence's extremes, casting a more pronounced British Invasion pop influence in warped, peak-level lo-fi sonics, emphasizing a connection between post-punk and psychedelia that stretches from Clinic and Guided by Voices through the deconstructionist pop of Swell Maps and Wire and back to the whimsical wordsmithery of Syd Barrett and Skip Spence." - --pitchfork hack
We also have copies of their previous lp, Deuteronomy.
The Intelligence features Lars, who used to be in the A-Frames.

NEKO CASE - BLACKLISTED - Restock. Also have copies of Canadian Amp and The Tigers Have Spoken while we anxiously await the arrival of Middle Cyclone.


EAT SKULL - WILD & INSIDE LP - sophomore upgrade from Portland based noise-pop band. A fine example of the cream rising to the top in an overcrowded genre.


YOUNG WIDOWS/MELT BANANA 7" Part 2 in a Young Widows series we are trying our damnedest to keep up with.

WATERY LOVE 7" - debut release from ex-Clockcleaner.

loads of re-stocks, too: PAVEMENT re-issues, FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS, ZZ TOP, MILK N' COOKIES, KURT VILE, BLANK DOGS, MASTODON and loads more...

**Don't forget the VILENT LOVERS CLUB (odie of the baseball furies new band) live in-store performance FRIDAY MAY 29, which kicks off The 4th PAIN IN THE BIG NECK FEST May 29th and 30th and Mohawk Place, 47 e. mohawk street downtown. Buffalo stalwarts the Blowtops will be playing their final show after 13 years of releasing acclaimed records and touring the US and Europe extensiviely. The same can be said for the Baseball Furies, who are reforming with their Buffalo and Chicago lineups for 2 sets. They will be joined by bands from across the country who annually converge on Nickel City for this annual show. The Homostupids, Terrible Twos, Chrome Spiders, Red Red Red and AV Murder (ex-Tyrades) and Buffalos own PLATES are among them as well as the Fatal Figures (ex-Blowtops, Plates) will be playing their first show ever. For more information, call 873.1484 or drop by the Scratch in person.** -anchovies, under stress

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doom Town: Now HEAR This:

The third Wipers lp, Over The Edge, is back in stock...along with the preceding and crucial Is This Real? and Youth of America. All 3 were meticulously repressed from original tapes, under the watchful eye of Greg Sage, and issued by Portlands' Jackpot Records. Our latest batch was ordered directly through Jackpot and "we've passed the savings on to you". Seriously...

Also be aware:
New Releases by Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, Bob Dylan, Mastodon, Fucked Up, Earth Crisis, Superchunk, and a beautiful Vaselines double lp, which collects the ep's, demos and live recordings on 2 records. Some other new arrivals:

Pig Destroyer - Natasha LP
Weedeater - God Luck and Good Speed
Tombs - Winter Hours
16 - Bridges to Burn
Harvey Milk - I Got A Love 7"
and plenty more...

also tickets (no service charges!!!) for upcoming shows:
MEAT PUPPETS @ Mohawk Place June 7th

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3 Update: Record Store Day Hangover & Incoming Thangs

First off, we'd like to thank everyone who came out to 'the Scratch' on Record Store Day'--we had no idea the magnitude of this event and we will be even more prepared next year (Lawd Willin'). We still have some exclusives hanging around for the stragglers and even copies of the Misfits 'Walk Among Us' re-issue that a certain band picked up while on tour---just for our beloved customers. Maybe a few other surprises as well.
We also want to thank our fantastic neighbors at Rise Above Tattoo for their understanding when Besnyo's set caused them a little damage to their supplies. Aside from that, it was far and above our best day ever--and we have all of you to thank for that. And, Team Scratch, of course.

And just so you know, you can pick up Meat Puppets tickets here for their June 7th show at the Mohawk Place free of all bullshit service charges (unless you use a credit card, we have to tack on a buck)

Now, for the incoming--in addition to the loads of newly unearthed used lp's that have recently been put out (and more being added daily)--Spiral Scratch offers you:

DEATH - For All The World To See (re-stock of quickly sold out mid-70s proto-punk/hard rock band of brothers finally seeing the light of day. An incredible backstory belies an incredible album)

FEMS - Go To A Party 7"- an out of nowhere re-issue on the Drag City label of the legendary early 80s Buffalo band whose 'Go To A Party' has been popping up on obscure punk comps for years....turns out it wasn't even the best song on the record. Too bad Mr. F isn't around to see it.

BEASTIE BOYS - Check Your Head 2x LP - Deluxe 180 gram remaster of their 1992 masterpiece. Stretched out into 2 heavy duty slabs of vinyl. We've re-stocked Pauls Boutique, which was given the same treatment.

SUPERCHUNK - Leaves in the Gutter CD EP - Their first offering in years. CD only at this point.

KOOL KEITH - Tashan Dorrsett 2x lp- The latest album (and moniker) from thee Kool Keith. Everyone loves Kool Keith (Kool Keith)

SCREECHING WEASEL - Boogadaboogada.../My Brain Hurts LP -
Gatefold re-issues with alternate covers of the pivotal 90's kings of Ramones worship.

OTESANEK - LP - Highly regarded sludge/doom finale, released and packaged beautifully on Buffalo ex-pat Dave Baileys NancyJo Records. Limited edition, and limited copies in stock, so don't sleep on this one.

The OBITS - I Blame You LP New project from Rick "Fork" Froberg (Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Pitchfork) on Sub Pop Records. Froberg fans won't be disappointed, especially with his incredible art all over and inside this album.

Thee OH SEES - Help Always makes us happy to see a staff favorite finally get their due in the media. Anyway, we already knew and have them here and awaiting some of their earier releases recently repressed.

JAWBREAKER - Dear You 2x LP The final Jawbreaker lp that a lot of fans didn't realize they loved until years after the band dissolved. Controversial to some, Dear You turned out to be one Jawbreakers most consistent and realized efforts.

DOA - Hardcore '81 Western Canada's crucial export to second wave/early 80s North American punk rock, and often considered the source of the term "hardcore" for what would
become a mass movement. Their second album and last to feature the Chuck Biscuits/original lineup. Outspokenly political, fast and melodic, DOA was a perfect bridge from the first wave to the more aggresive second wave (hardcore). Re-issued on leader Joey 'Shithead' Keithley's Sudden Death Records. The real deal. On limited edition red vinyl.

DESTROYER - City of Daughters/Thief 2x lp Another western Canada export seeing proper re-issue treatment, Danial Bejar, leader of Destroyer, (also a collaborator with New Pornographers) see's his second and third lp's repackaged and "fixed"--unleashed on Merge Records in a deluxe gate fold jacket.

Wooden Shjips - Dos - Another staff favorite that precedes the opening of Spiral Scratch (yes, we've liked them for over 6 whole months!), San Francisco's Wooden Shjips seem to be finally catching the ear of music writers across the globe. Check out the review given to them by the BBC a few weeks ago here. A collection of their earlier material called Volume One is also in stock, but in low quantitity.

DRUNKDRIVER - January 2nd 7" - A brief, yet impressive follow-up to last years Born pregnant LP, Drunkdriver unleash a few more bombers on the Fan Death label. Thank our head marksman Richie for hunting these down--only a few, so make a move quick before they vanish.
Also new 7" product from the mighty (and good looking) Crappy Dracula as well as Carl and the Compound Players. Also from the land of cheese and foam is a split with Holy Shit and Turd Hungry Christ. Another find in Wisconsin is Buffalo's brutal and beloved Running For Cover 7", the Human Ruins ep.

If thats not enough, we have plenty of re-stocks, including the first few Bad Brains lp's, OM, Sleep's "Dopesmoker", Bonnie Prince Billy "Beware" LP, and "chimjimi" 10", Velvet Underground catalog, The Jam, Torche s/t and "Meandrathal" (at reduced prices!), Alkaline Trio, Lemuria "Collection" and Propagandhi's latest, Supporting Caste 2x LP.

And NOT forget SPIRAL SCRATCH PRESENTS: PISSED JEANS with Sonorous Gale, The Dense and Plates at the Mohawk Place (in celebration of our first 6 months of survival)
on Friday May 15th
10 pm

stay tuned for more incoming stock including the latest from Mastodon, Camera Obscura, Weedeater, Blank Dogs, all 3 Wipers re-issues, including tje latest "Over The Edge" coming direct fro Jackpot Records (you know what that means), Nobunny, Screaming Females and more!

-anchovies 5/3/09