Sunday, July 18, 2010

it's been awhile...

Sure as shit has been awhile. Rebuilding a record store ain't easy and truth be told, we hate to move.

yes, North buffalo is not the ideal spot for a record store--but things were going ok. Nobody had been run down crossing the street and the non-existent parking situation
wasn't in everyone's best interest (your knowledge of NB streets was crucial to this...or your willingness to park at KwikFill™.

We held out for the windows and door to be replaced and the minor damage to be addressed, but as of press time we have seen nothing but an electrician take a peek at some outlets and the plywood remains. We will miss our clubhouse that was, for a brief time, Sit-N-Spin before we moved in. We loved our neighbors at Rise Above Tattoo and Kellys Korner, as well as customers who lived nearby. And it was, well...close to home. For me. But they say the customer always comes first....somehow you still found us. Thank you.

Since the first wave of benefits and donations, we have received a steady stream of care packages to beef up the used section/replace my personal stuff lost from all across the world.

And if you're ever in Pittsburgh, seek out Mind Cure Records. The owner, Mike, personally donated me a huge box of killer albums and he is just getting on his feet himself.

So the big news is it isn't blue inside and its off of Elmwood on Bryant Street. A few more details to pound out and we will be ready to serve you the latest, the best vinyl available today. We have been able to make some orders, but rebuilding a shop costs money, takes time and the ordering will pick up even more after we open. Meanwhile, keep in tune to when exactly that will will be soon. It's gonna be weird, it's gonna be different, it's gonna be pretty interesting...a new adventure to embark on.

More to come in the coming days....but get ready for Spiral Scratch Grand Opening 2.0.
Counters By martin K.