Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 weeks. Semi-Update.

it's taken some time to adjust to the new digs here at 291 Bryant Street, as it has our UPS™ driver who cant seem to find the place. we've had a few orders sent back--but they should all be back in our grimy hands this week.

keeping up with demand has been an issue, but have no fear--we're catching up as we speak. please try to be patient with your special orders as we...get our heads around the continued support. we didnt expect an AV cover, but thank all who made it happen. and BuffaloNews™ coverage. truly, we are not worthy...well, maybe a little. show us a quality photoshopped version of the cover and you can walk home with a gift certificate worth your while. ok, now to business:

in stock this week includes, but is not limited to, new releases from:

The Sword
Birds of Maya (fans of heavy ROCK, take note)
The Intelligence (lars, ex-drummer of a-frames). Their best since Icky Boyfriends?
Sex Church (staff pick) this is an addition of 500. we have a few more left.
Double Negative
Personal & the Pizzas
Dirty Projectors
Ty Segall
and more...

DROPDEAD (3 different titles)
Pretty Things

plus plenty of restocks of new and classic titles. in addition, new & hip used records are coming in more frequently than ever. Keep an eye on the incoming bin.

**cool local music supplied by the prolific Feral Kid Records label, which has most recently offered up a split record with Inerds and Coworkers, an incredible surf-punk record by Mayday and a healthy back catalog of singles, 12 and 10 inch records--mostly buffalo and rochester bands. in addition, new releases from White Whale, Iceberg, Gas Chamber. A few more i'm forgetting, but are no less worth checking out.

stay tuned for a real update as our influx of orders land at the counter (we hope) in the coming days.

we'll be carrying tickets as promoters see fit to bring them to us. no service charges, unless you use a credit card in which we must claim a buck. limited tickets to a rather interesting show coming up will also be announced in the next update.