Wednesday, August 11, 2010

doors open at noon.

wednesday august 11, 2010.

after a complicated trail of snags, good times and good people (we would have possibly shut down for good if it weren't for the outpouring of support), sweat, lamenting lost records...out of print favorites...and finally, being forced to move the entire shop...we re-open SPIRAL SCRATCH in the Elmwood Village today at noon.

we are still struggling with electrical, banking and pricing issues--the place looks good enough to soft open with a GRAND OPENING being planned.

starting over in a empty room painted pink was no easy task. we changed colors.

to show strength and resolve, we brought what was left of the old counter--which was rebuilt by Martin K.--it's original owner at Sit-n-Spin. He received much support from his beautiful son, Foster. Norelle and my mom donated computers and we used benefit money to buy a new register and credit card terminal, along with fantastic wood bins and displays built by idea we spied from a reborn shop in Pittsburgh (also a generous doner of records), Mind Cure Records Mike. His shop was built by himself and buffalo native Pat C., but Pat C. now lives in Pennsylvania.
Anyway you get the will.

pretty fancy...and a sneak peek at some of the fine slabs we carry...just a peek.

one of those puppies is not for sale, autographed 12" (one of 3 of the remaining copies) encouraging autograph by the legendary Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash, Pussy Galore, Boss Hogg, Honeymoon Killers, etc) following his show a few weeks back. Spencer is a soft spoken, nice guy--contrary to his stage presence or whatever has been said about him over the years. here's a close-up:

someday, i will sit down and make a giant list of all the people, record labels, bands and such who have lent a hand in slowly getting us back on our shaky feet. that day wont be today, however. Don't think for a minute we have overlooked anyone. We are and will be here for if and when YOU get knocked down and need a hand...that, you can depend on.

Team Scratch. Richie, Marisa, Brandon have been the core during the rebuild. There have been others, too. Donating time, sweat, ideas and work. We have received help moving in the heat from several others, too. We, again, appreciated it all. It cannot be stressed enough how important everyone coming together was to the survival of the store. Starting with Norelle, Rhinoceros, Bill/Spicoli and the massive Mohawk Benefit, Iceberg & Stokes and continuing from there. I fear if i continue, i will forget someone, but soon an S.S. Hall of Fame post will detail it all. In the meantime, the minds of Team Scratch (in lieu of my own spinning head, brainless & hairless head) have put together a new look Spiral Scratch in the Elmwood Village. Once again, the focus remains the same, the prices stay as low as possible and we ask you to avoid tripping on extension cords, touching electrical outlets (you WILL get tazed, bro) and if someone wanders in and asks for change to "catch a bus", go ahead and suplex them on the sidewalk.

pictured: Chuck Barrels, Interior Design/Record Guru/Termbro

It's come a long way, baby.

"some" new stuff in stock or on it's way, includes (but is not limited to)
* new marked men 7"
* broken social scene lp
* against me lp
* black sabbath 180 gram reissues
* jimi hendrix experience 180 gram reissues
* brian eno bbc sessions lp
* sst records restock (minutemen, descendents, black flag, etc)
* gg allin "always was..." lp and early 7"
* riverdales lp
* gaslight anthem lp
* arcade fire lp (cheap!!)
* leadbelly
* lee 'scratch" perry lp
* mummies (both estrus and telstar lp's--limited again!)
* oblivians (popular favorites, soul food, 9 songs)
* real kids s/t lp
* pretty things lp
* of montreal (several)
* off with their heads/dear landlord 7"
* corpus dei split 7"
* neu! & neu '75
* can monster movie (UA press) lp
* bastard noise lp (should be in on wednesday)
* death - for all the world to see
* personal & the pizzas - raw pie singles comp (punk!)
* cap'n jazz reissue lp
* Touch & Go Book assembled by Touch & Go founder Tesco Vee! all the zines in one absolute must-have for an early 80s hardcore fan. these will vanish quickly.

plenty more, too. including used stuff donated. more to come, too.

we'll be in touch. thanks again, all.

-anchovies 08.11.10