Thursday, April 15, 2010

Record Store Day 2010 & other stuff

Record Store 2010 is finally upon us. Shrouded in the dark, our invoices started appearing today...when you deal with small distros and deal direct label to label...this is the day you hold your breath because more and more, it's the big guys running the show. And why not? This has turned into a big cash crop for certain major labels who have deprived Hold Steady fans of a release nobody seems to be able to get their hands on. We apologize in advance. However, its not all negative...there's loads of cool stuff coming.

Obviously, our proudest piece is Fucked Up's Daytrotter 7". What a concept. I rarely enter a competition...but i felt i already had the perfect photo. By now you've seen Spiral Scratch as the cover and title of Fucked Up's donation to RSD. 9 other stores were chosen across North America--obviously we like ours the best. We even made a RSD banner with it. Shit, look at that. Exciting.

With the help of our al-volunteer staff--we will open
the door at 10 am. A playoff hockey game helped
with this decision--we know Buffalo is a hockey town and it's been awhile since we made the post-season, so come in and brave the
can go 'cross the street and have a beer and beef for breakfast (or something healthier off the Kelly's Korner menu) then come back and buy more records in between periods. We will also be open later than normal if need-be --9 pm.

In lieu of the small allocations of Record Store Day product, we have loads of new stuff coming in Thursday and Friday. We also have an exclusive FAILURES UNION Record Store Day 7" no other store will have on Saturday, plus the brand new Sonorous Gale 7". Support Local Music and Support your local record store.

If you read the Buffalo News article, let us remind you we are NOT downtown--we are located in North Buffalo. The address above should help...though someday,. we will be a local chain with locations all over the area. Sounds like a good idea, huh? Yeah,. i don't think so either.

Lately we have been experimenting with classic jazz reissues. Coltrane, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Grant Green, Lee Morgan, Charles Mingus and more. The response has been staggering. So as an added surprise on RSD, we will unveil our backroom used jazz lp's along with the reissues for you to check out. Some very interesting titles. What started as a punk & indie store as litersally "spiraled" into the best of everything (except showtunes, though we do have a used soundtracks section.)

There will be plenty of new releases, restocks of the rock, punk, indie, soul, funk and jazz variety in addition to the loads of Record Store Day Product.
Most of the RSD stuff we ordered did indeed come, though the quantities were smaller than we had hoped. This was due to labels and/or bands cutting numbers and larger stores (like Amoeba out west) getting what are small numbers for them and tiny shops like us getting nil, or 1 or 2.

We will try and keep it safe but we cannot hold things for people. Titles will be re-stocked as they are sold, so try and get their early. In special will have to visit us at the shop--no emails or messages, please. And remember--this is a day for the dying breed of record stores--not your day to turn a buck flipping records online. One title per customer. No exceptions. There...those are the rules.

Not tipping our hand completely, we will be offering a Ted Leo 7" (exclusive tracks), Rodriguez 7", an Arthur Russell 12" and a various artist comp, plus a Pavement compilation (all vinyl) from our pals at Matador Records. Of course, we will have several "Spiral Scratch" Daytrotter 7"'s with our cover on it.
Roky, Devo, Sonic Youth, Jimi, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Against Me!. Album Leaf, Joe Strummer, Gorillaz and plenty more.

MGMT-Congratulations (limited version on sale!) with coin and sceatch iff civer)
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING - Unlikely aussies become one of the best bands in the world. The new album is Rush To Relax We sold 5 copies the day it dropped and are fully re0stocked,
JONSI - of Sigur Ros. Solo effort.
X-Wild Gift Their second album which hasnt legitimately been reissued in at least 15 years.
Lifetime - Jersey's Best Dancers The third and final re-ish from NoIdea. Originally on jade tree.
Others include late 70s albums from The Fall, Television Personalities.

Now read the damn eyes hurt.



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