Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Fire and the Damage Done--and what came next

ohh ohh, the damage done...

Wednesday May 18, i receive a call from dale...a young, aspiring tattoo artist from the mighty Rise Above Tattoo-our neighbor at 2531. it's around 9:35, and i'm watching the yankee game on the tube with a burger in hand. i had closed up shop after a quiet night to the sounds of the recent Brainbombs - Obey reissue. I had kept a close eye on the door because, in case you have never heard the Brainbombs, these critters are a swedish noise band whose lyrical subject matter has been said to be of the type to make GG Allin, at his worst, cringe. Personally, I'm unimpressed by that aspect of the band and it's shock's the music that drives me. A killer of an album.
Anyway, Dale informs me the shop has caught fire--our worst nightmare. Some quick action by passers by and the Buffalo Fire Department contained the blaze to the back counter area--but the devastation is significant. Special orders, a shit heap of unpriced, recently purchased used records, registers, computers, personal items, our stereo system, prized possessions and the store in-store play library (about 200 or so of my own personal collection) are destroyed. Everything on the walls and the entire bin of 7 inch records also are ruined. However, the set up of the store which has most of our new and used stock and the back room are spared. Some small miracles, but a whole lot of painful casualties are lost.
To make matters worse, our insurance agent has left us dangling for weeks and only a fraction of what is lost has been covered. To date, we have received $0 in insurance money. Due to potential legal action, i refrain from commenting on that matter further at this time.
Some of our friends stop by the grim scene, call, post on the internet their concern and condolences. Richie stands by me as the final nail is pounded into the emergency plywood enclosure.

Rumors debunked:
  • we did NOT burn to the ground
  • we are NOT closing down
  • the brainbombs record did NOT combust with flames of evil
"Everything happens for a reason"- the late, great Leonard Palumbo, Sr. (1940-2008)

A few customers donated records to replenish our used section, people we didnt even know donated money into our paypal account and Buffalo band RHINOCEROS immediately stepped up to the plate and donated their cut of a rather well attended show. We forever thank them all, be it $1 or a box of records. Or a hug.

The night of the fire, an equally rattled Bill Nehill, a shop fixture, sometimes employee, constant customer and great friend tells me this-"It's time to find out who is who in this town."
Bill organizes a benefit show which is planned for June 3rd at the bar he works and books bands at. Due to the short notice, it's a Thursday night and the bill is quickly filled with some well established local acts. Everything Falls Apart, Roger Bryan & the Orphans, Failures Union, Funnyman Bill Nehill, All Of Them Witches. The turnout is staggering. The bands, all of them, deliver fierce sets on an unusually hot and humid June night. The bartenders-Bill and Spicoli, work for free donating all their tips at their insistence. The bar is full of friends, familiar faces, strangers--everyone of them appreciated. Buffalo, my friends, is really a great fucking place to be. This was a night I won't ever forget for the rest of my life--an overwhelming conglomeration of faces you don't often see in the same room, at the same show.

Thank you, Bill, Eric, Joe and everyone who has been kind enough to show the slightest bit of interest, donate a few records, sell some records (we really need them now more than ever), offer their services, play a show to help us out or organize a benefit. We can't wait to give it back. The wheels are in motion, thanks to you.

Outside of Buffalo, we have received thoughts and help from our own heroes...the Cheater Slicks, Goner Records, Icki, GiGi in Italy, Tom from Memphis, Matador Records/Dave, Tommy at Edge and others i'll remember later and add to the huge list. how can we repay the favor? just let me know...i'll be there for you. Even Fucked Up, who erroneously thought i emailed them, plugged our benefit show on the 3rd.

We owe you all and will repay the support when we land back on our feet...which i promise will be sooner than you think.

Like i said, orders are being made so don't be us your wants, needs...or if you need a hand with anything i can help with. we are lucky to be born in a city full of great people who dont always get together...lets keep it together.

and to wrap this one up--we are YOUR store. let us know what you want to see and, goddamnit, i'll do everything i can to get it there as best i can.

thanks to Team Scratch, as always-Richie, Mugged, Marisa, Bill and anyone else who sat behind that counter, suggested stuff to get in, etc--we are coming back and stronger than ever. maybe at 2531, maybe somewhere else...but we'll be back before you know it,

THANK YOU and stay tuned! we love you.

*to keep in touch, as always, email us at spiralscratchrecordsATyahoo or pal up with us on facebook and send us a message. you may call the store or me personally if you have records for sale at 716.316.5589, or if you need any further info. or just wanna say hello.

-anchovies, 6.10.10

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