Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving, Danksgiving & Indie Black Friday

Black Friday,a pockmark on our society, our country and those who inhabit it. People literally are killed in a mad rush in the freak hours of the day in seek of a bargain. no self-respecting Spiral Scratch customer would be caught dead at one of these freak shows (we hope---geeze). plus, you'll find plenty of bargains at the Scratch every day. Typicallly not our busiest day of the year, the folks who have brought to us Record Store Day had a brilliant idea--Indie Black Friday. Thats right, we've been sitting on this box of stuff, only to be unleashed on Black Friday. However, there is no chance of us opening at 7 a.m. Unless you hear different--regular hours. (flexibly, noon.)
Whats in the box, you say?
Exclusive releases from Drive-By Truckers, Gaslight Anthem, Iron & Wine, Jimi Hendrix, Slayer, Soundgarden, MGMT and more. yep, thats all the info you get. In addition, we are outing a bunch of recently discovered used records that have been in storage since the move to Bryant Street. some real winners in there, and other gold nuggets we've acquired recently. More collections coming in as the days pass, too much pricing for one man.
Speaking of this madness, Matador, and 4AD recording artists The NATIONAL have released an expanded edition of their album HIGH VIOLET (cd only). This disc will be made available separately for the one day only price of $8. that's right, *8 bucks for a full companion disc/download featuring an updated recording of Terrible Love, unreleased tracks, and some bonus live material. A 7" will also be released in conjunction with the disc. Violet Friday, Goddamnit! *one day, only.
Spiral Scratch is the ONLY VIOLET FRIDAY participating store within a 100 mile radius! This includes surprises from Matador, 4AD, too pure & XL Recordings...things you might be interested in like reissues from the Fall and other cool stuff. Prices viciously slashed.

Lastly, the highly sought after Spiral Scratch Gift Certificates will make their return this week, along with some brow-raising re-stocks, new releases and whatnot.
-The Parting Gifts - Strychnine Dandelion (featuring Greg 'Oblivian' Cartwright)
-Tyvek - Nothing Fits Tyvek, who we watched grow up, are peaking with their second proper full length, not to mention some nifty cover art.
-Iron Lung - Life. Iron Lung. Death. (re-issue just released last week)
-Neil Young - Le Noise accidentally sent to us, we are selling this a hair above wholesale making this overpriced record almost affordable. we will be returning them after next week. you wont find it cheaper--if you do, someone's cheatin'
Torche - Songs For Singles
Earth - A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction
Purling Hiss - PSA/Hissteria/Purling Hiss. Michael Polizze plays guitar for 'lo-fi' guitar psych creepers, Birds of Maya when he is not recording his own, fuzzed out psych/space blasts on his solo albums. As someone noted, Polizze sounds, at times, like he's playing guitar to save his life. Fans of heavy, fuzzed out, spacey psych-ROCK take note...three solo albums re-released on 3 top notch indie labels (Richie, Woodsist and Permanent Records (super cool folks from chicago, who double as chicago's best record shop).
Man Or Astro-man? Debut lp from surf astromen. where were you in '92? Loserpallooza? Bringin'the mosh™? Look what ya' missed! Estrus has unveiled more copies of this classic debut. We have them for you.
NEW 7" records!
OHSEES, DUM DUM GIRLS, KITTY LITTLE/SCIENTIFIC MAPS split, INTEGRITY reissues and more restocks. Lots of killer used vinyl priced to move unveiled this friday (11/26). No peeking...

Support your local labels!

In addition to our constant touting of the mighty fine Feral Kid imprint, and ex pat label BIG NECK RECORDS--several regional labels are putting out quality, good looking product. The bands are not necessarily local--these are people pouring their hard earned money into releasing music they believe in and should be commended, if nothing else, for their efforts in making Buffalo a better place to be--musically speaking. I mean, what else is there, anyway? also: Buy their records.

--Peterwalkee Records! Matto seems, from afar, to defy "time constraints" of daily life. he's in like 5 bands, goes to school and runs a record label. Most recently, Peterwalkee has reissued the class act Figgs "Sucking in Stereo" album. Thats just the tip of the 'berg, as they say from this Capital District DIY Maniac. A recent Kitty Little/Scientific Maps 7" and another Figgs release, the Casino Hayes 7", are recent releases from this ongoing label.

-WARM BATH LABEL. Recently cherry picked 7 of buffalo's most brooootal and released a compilation on 7". (one band per inch!) Resist Control, Inerds, SCHEISSE KRIEG, Ordinary Men & Women, Avulsion, Ancients of Earth and Morax.
Warm Bath also has a gnarly distro which can probably be accessed at their myspace page

-Desire Path Recordings upstart label with an LP release of Solo Andata's Ritual. read more about Desire Path here.

-One Percent Press No stranger to buffalo music and beyond, good ol' boy stephen "percent" floyd has, upon relocating to the Empire State, dedicated resources to putting out records by (and playing bass for*) Everything Falls Apart, Failures Union and more recently non-localized bands like Venice Is Sinking and involvement with a split band/split label 12" from the Convocation. Read more about the label, whats going on and the mysterious Minnesota "connection" at their official website, which boasts audio and visual clues as to what to expect from the labels offerings.

*i wanted that job.

-Last, but not least, the pretty prolific Vega Vinyl, which has put out area and non-regional releases. The Giant Squid album looks about as cool as anything i've seen released in quite some time. VV spares no expense. Also in stock from the label is Damiera, Constants and a 3-way lp featuring East Of The Wall, Year of No Light & Rosetta. Read all about them here.

if you know of any other labels releasing good stuff based in the area, let us know.
11/26 [friday] Don't forget the JOE BOMPCZYK MEMORIAL TRIBUTE SHOW.
this show is a benefit for joe's kids, as joe, a founding member of buffalo's legendary ENEMIES, succumbed to a bout with cancer. he was a dear uncle to our own richie and a buffalo music benchmark. we will be donating a gift certificate in addition to the other stuff the organizers have going on.

12/1 [wednesday] Spiral Scratch Night at the Mohawk!!
The Scratch and Mohawk become one as staffers unite and play their favorite records.
DANCE PARTY! Donations to the Buffalo Animal Shelter will enter you automatically to win a hefty gift certificate, too. please check their site, see what they do and do NOT need and if you have some laying around...bring it down. If you cant make the dj night, bring it here!
celebrity dj's include:

still bill
t.m. street pervert
barrels, chas

shenanigans shall ensue.


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