Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blagged and Blogged. (slight return)

Where have we been? Lazy, busy, sweating....basically doing thangs. but the blog is our main source of information without you actually coming into the store (which, of course, i highly suggest). The recent influx of quality used lp's and 7"'s has been staggering. Titles by Love, Minor Threat, Judge, the Doors, Hendrix, Coleman Hawkins, Lightning Bolt, baroness, the Kinks, Modest Mouse, jawbreaker just tip the...iceberg?

Meanwhile, we've been doing our damndest to keep up with a load of cool new releases while making sure to keep things affordable. Pressing prices rise, but we can guarantee you wont find new vinyl cheaper! if you do, let us know. We're also pretty sure you won't find the latest PUERTO RICO FLOWERS "7" 12 inch anywhere else around town. And if yer not hip to this's Jon Sharkey III (ex-Clockcleaner) delving deep into dark, new wave territory. If you were lucky enough to snatch up a copy of Clockcleaners posthumous "Auf Wierdershen" 12", it's a perfect progression...though many kilometers away from the early, heavy thud of earlier Clockcleaner releases. A surprise hot item for us, we'll have more in the week of July 24th. With that order comes re-stocks of the first three EYEHATEGOD albums, reissued in gatefold double albums and painfully limited. Let us quickly mention the Castle Face "Group Flex" bound five-flexi disc book featuring exclusives from OhSees, Ty Segall and more bay area greatness. These can be found under the counter, are not cheap and are a great investment if you catch my drift. More on the flexi-disc front, we still have Gas Chamber (buffalo/nyc) flexi's, an absolutely beautiful multi-colored flexi from our own Brown Sugar (feral kid) and a NSFW cardboard "flexi" from Les DEMONIAQUES--dee dee dum dum girl & the band Tamaryn. Super limited JAMC cover.

ICEAGE - New Brigade We here at Spiral Scratch tend to be skeptical of the outta control internet hype machine--tastemakers who often have little...taste. However, this explosive post-punk masterpiece created by Danish teens lives up to the talk. It's a post-punk album with touches of hardcore (you wont hear any breakdowns or screams) and glorious british new wave, though it apes nobody. It'll probably hold it's weight years from now, too.

new in-stock:
EYEHATEGOD- Dopesick, Take As Needed For Pain, In the Name Of Suffering. all packaged nicely in gatefolds, all double albums and if its like last time, they wont stick around long.
Davila 666 Tan Bajo -Puerto Rican sensation takes things away from the garage and blows away their debut. One of the great albums to come out this year (along with Pheremoans and Sex Church, who will be playing here in October). All songs en espanol, but you'll be singing along regardless.
Crystal Stilts - 2nd album from nyc unit.
My Morning Jacket Circuital 2x lp Guitar Wolf - SpaceBattleshipLove
Dead Language - s/t lp
Backpeddlers- Songs of Guilt & Revenge - While Norris may best be recalled as the leader of GIRLPOPE, this may be his finest work on record to date. Most likely overlooked, this album blew me away on first and subsequent listens and had the right sound that Girlpope managed to capture ,live, but not on record. Here is a work that displays Norris' talents with the right amount of punch and sonic "oomph" to put all the pieces together. The songwriting is top notch, too.
Bon Iver - self titled
Blitzen Trapper-Destroyer of the Void 2x lp
Reatards - Teenage Hate 2x lp - The earliest days of Jay Reatard resulted in some of the rawest, purest punk rock of the 90s. Harder than most hardcore, realer than most anything coming out at the time. No rules. Essential listening, with a complete extra disc of unreleased, early material. Long out of print, Goner Records has brought it back.
An order direct to Deathwish has brought us new material from OATHBREAKER and 108 along with crucial reissues from INTEGRITY, CONVERGE, REIGN SUPREME and more.

Deep Six Records has reissued a Brutal Truth/Spazz 7". In Stock.

more Buffalo bred LP's!
LIKE A PANTHER- ROCKPILE -Brett, ex-Mockba guitar slinger, and his wife Cindy formed Like A Panther quite some time ago. In that time, the band has come miles. Wisely, they took their time before rushing into a release, but the band is certainly ready for ROCKPILE. The kind of indie that is subdued yet feels it's on the verge of explosion (or implosion) at any given time. Quiet vocals that creep under the music, this is an under appreciated band for sure. The good part is they aint letting that hold them back and have unleashed a self-assured and GOOD album.
FUCKING HOTLIGHTS LP (currently sold out) we expect more of these soon. A sonic assault from a handsome bunch. Incredible cover art belies this explosive slab of wax.
more local talk on the next update. Don't forget Emcee MD's debut rap exploration CD with autographed poster and strap-on power glove.

In additiony Segall's latest lp on Drag City--Goodbye Bread (possibly his best to date), we have unearthed the somewhat rare Ty Segall band- Live in Aisle 5 lp, a high quality live set performed with full band. A re-issue of his debut lp and a recent 7" also are in stock. Segall appeals to the garage rock set as much as he does the indie crowd which speaks a bit about whats on these records...great fuckin' songs! We've been on the bandwagon since day 1 (thanks, richie) and the consensus is he gets better with each release, though all are essential if yer a fan. If yer not--what are you waiting for?

TONES ON TAIL - Weird Pop A very nice collection of the post-Bauhaus trio that is so much more than the Club Hit "Go" might have you believing. Theres the original version of "Performance" on here, along with the bands best remembered tracks.

Attention FUCKED UP fans. Of course you own their latest, critically lauded 2x lp "David Comes To Life" by now, and you probably love it. But if you missed the pre-order, we have ALL of the limited companion 7"'s that came with it in stock right now. Like so many other labels, we order direct with our friends at matador to bring you the lowest prices possible from anyone in the Matador Group--which includes 4AD, XL Recordings and Beggars Banquet. All have some interesting releases due out in August, so stay tuned. And remember to follow us on facebook for up to the minute reports and incoming.

Reissue Stuff:
Flower Travellin' Band-Satori Japanese heavy duty psych-rock pressed on 180 grams.

Lots more on the way this week, so stay tuned. Latch on and follow this thing! Tell your friends!

We know its been a tad warm and uncomfortable, but we thank you for your continued support.

4:18 p.m. e.s.t.

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