Wednesday, November 23, 2011


2011...the end in site, has been a rough year on many of our firends and family. Somehow,we muster up the power to trapse through the holidays, which can make tough times even tougher. On the flip, we have a lot to be grateful for here at Spiral Scratch--good friends and support and good records to listen to to. There is no better drug. there is no better relief for what ails ya'.
A few nights back i sat pressed up against the soundboard as a packed Bug Jar were blown to bits by thee Oh Sees (and earlier, Total Control--a fantastic band from Australia featuring Mikey from Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and, i felt truly ...umm...happy. No shoves or lack of space by the growing fan base could bring me down. I watched them commandingly deliver, with a healthy addition of Lars from the Intelligence/A-Frames,the best set i've seen maybe all year and seemingly watch them grow up--or get the attention they deserve. I hope they continue to, they've worked hard and are the real deal. I'm thankful i made it, recognized so many Buffalo folk and am still reeling from it. Obviously, we have much more to be grateful for...but I'm just rambling now. Oh, and I'm really not Willie Nelson, Eric.

Happy Thanksgiving (eat whatever it is you eat. then eat more. wake up and eat more cold stuff. lay around. or do whatever it is you do...hopefully it doesnt involve working). Thanks for another great year and may your holidays be as tolerable, even perhaps happy (?!) as they can be. Oh look....

We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day and open REGULAR HOURS for INDIE BLACK FRIDAY™. I don't see the reason in waking you earlier on what might be a day off. Relax, we'll be ready for you.
In addition to the stuff you probably already know about, expect some cool exclusives from Guided By Voices (limited 7", Matador), Mark Sultan (limited press lp), Reatards (savage young Reatard reissued on scarce clear vinyl) and other great titles that will be going quickly--please check back for updates later today for the finalized complete list) as well as putting out some great used stuff we've been saving for a special day and TONS of incoming stock--new releases and some re-stocks we havent had in in quite some time. Some things you won't find anywhere else.

The RSD sanctioned titles include, but may not be limited to:

Type O Negative Box Set 6 lp behemoth box including their Roadrunner catalog:
(limited to 1000 box sets)

Slow, Deep and Hard The Origin of the Feces (original "artwork" cover. rarely seen) Bloody Kisses October Rust World Coming Down Life Is Killing Me
each album features extensive, new liner notes, artwork and at least 6 stickers.

Ryan Adams 7" demo tracks/unreleased versions recorded during Ashes & Fire sessions. (limited to 3000 copies, worldwide)

Pink Floyd - the Wall singles. Cool looking box containing a full color poster, 3 picture sleeve singles from the lp. (limited to 4000 boxes)

Jimmy Cliff - Sacred Fire 12" Lp (scum stats unknown)
Black Keys - Lonely Boy 12" ep
special version, quantities unknown--but here's how they cut the record .

Iron & Wine - Morning Becomes Eclectic - A 12" along with a bonus cd featuring songs recorded live to air on KCRW fm.

Pete Townsend - Quadrophenia Demos, Volume 1 10"

The first of two 10" Eps featuring six demos from the Director's Cut re-release of Quadrophenia, produced, authorized and overseen by Pete Townshend. This individually numbered 10" EP and the one scheduled for Record Store Day 2012 provide a unique insight into the creation of this landmark album.

TRACK LISTING: "The Real Me (demo)" "Cut My Hair (demo)" "Punk (demo)" "Dirty Jobs (demo)" "Is In In My Head? (demo)" "Anymore (demo)" "

and, while we didn't get everything we asked for...with quantities of top selling major label artists being 3000 or less, it's impossible for everyone to get what they want and not be stuck with crappers that dont sell either! we won't complain, it just makes ya look bad...but check out the sponsers of this "indie black friday"---all corporate giants! we know how you roll, too. someone tell them they are fucking it up for the fans while the flippers rejoice and have titles listed on ebay 2 days before they are to be released (and at super inflated prices). if the past is any indications--don't go nuts if you don't get it on Friday, as many of these releases will become more readily available and/or their inflated values will plummet within a few weeks making it much more affordable. Just a thought from someone learning the hard way.

lastly, due to severely limited quantities--we cannot hold anything, so please don't ask. I kinda have a hard time saying "no". This is a first come, first served deal and nobody gets special treatment around here. we're all equal freakshows. Maybe elsewhere, but not here. Normally we would, but it's not fair to everyone else. get to the shop at noon--you'll increase your odds. at least we're not dragging you outta bed at 9 am!

-to the "unsanctioned" I.B.F. stuff/sneak peak:

Reatards - Teenage Hate/Fuck Elvis. Finally reissued by the awesome folks at Goner Records in Memphis. Clear wax version, which was very limited. primal 90s punk played with real, not forced, emotion and reckless abandon. yes, you were something of a prick, jay...but we miss you and your ever changing music greatly. rip, jeffrey lee lindsay.

Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) - Whatever I Want/Whenever I Want (clear vinyl editions)

Guided By Voices - We Won't Apologize For The Human Race 7". Something tells us these won't be around long. This new offering is special as it features the real GBV once again-Bob with Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Greg Demos and Kevin Fennell. While i wouldnt expect a Bee Thousand 2.0, this mid-fi pre-lp 7" should perk up some fans who've been with 'em since Propeller came out. Or maybe earlier...that's just when I was first smitten by GBV.

Rest assured, we will "cook" up something to save you money on Friday, too. We have beefed up our used and new sections, too. But we are confident we've found a way to give you the best music and the best prices and you won't have to worry about getting trampled to death, elbowed for that last Bieber pic disc remix 8" or whatever else is otherwise awful about the real Black Friday. As a matter of fact, the real crazies will be done by the time we open at noon. ish?'ll be noon.

a quick look at some non-Indie Black Friday releases that are incoming!

Mummies - Tales From The Crypt legend has it this 'import' was to be their SubPop debut--but it wasnt crummy enough sounding and they scrapped it, told SubPop were to stick it and broke up. Real Punk! Their best sounding release, and in 'one reporters opinion', their best record.

Sig Ros - Inni A 3x lp withy live dvd direct from XL recordings. Sigur Ros vinyl is no easy task. we've also kept it cheaper than anywhere we searched.

Voivod - To The Death '84 2x lp. The demo and more of their early days finally repressed to wax.

Sam Cooke - Live at the Harlem Square Club. Mr. Soul delivers a raw and amazing live set. Pure soul without studio numbing it down, a raucous set for Sam Cooke and essential.

Pig Heart Transplant 7" Another noisy blaster from Iron Lung Records.
Double Negative - Hardcore Confusion Volumes One & Two.
Davila 666 - Tan Bajo - The Puerto Rican garage rock locos take a turn for the more soulful on their second, adventurous record. A staff and customer favorite.
More restocks from Atlas Sound, Career Suicide, the Spits, Nothing People, Pheremoans, Pixies, Sonics, Gories and a big box that will probably show up amid the chaos on Friday. phew.

Finally, if yer not on our email list (which we use sparingly for special events...not weekly spam), drup us a line at spiralscratchrecords@yahoo and we will add you.

see ya soon
4:41 p.m.


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