Monday, September 3, 2012

Shame on me...not an update since the chaos/good time that was Record Store Day '12.   They even changed the format so i'm not sure how this will turn out, but let's catch up with some new incoming stock and backtrack on a few cool shows we had in the Dungeon.

First, a cassette only release for Bill "tracy morrow" Nehill--Spiral Scratch's Comeback Playa of the Year.  As usual, an emotional, soulful set of some new songs and a few crowd-pleasing oldies. Bill has also returned, full throttle as a Scratcher, a consultant and one of our best pals since day 1.    Tapes, tapes, tapes...they are coming out as cheap, throwback ways for bands to quickly unleash their sounds.  Even an all-cassette label, Drug Party (whom we've talked about when they first fired up) is probably the most active.

A bit louder was the raging hardcore of Buffalo's BetterXTimes (whom i happen to dig quite a bit sprouting from a genre i am quite picky with) hosting Clevelands AGES along with Juggernaut  and another Ohio touring band called Juggernaut.    A fun show that didnt leave the joint stinking of beer and armpits.

Stay tuned for upcoming events at the Scratch by either liking our non-overbearing facebook page, twitter, .  

Another exciting thing is we actually sorta won something significant--Buffalo's Best Hipster Hangout.   A little taken aback at first as such an odd category was created and we ddint know we had been picked until the night of the awards--in BUFFALO SPREE magazine.  Look, we're all hipsters in this msuic thing we're all hooked on, so let that not scare you away.  You will never run into a room full of beret wearin', thrift store dressed music snobs--we're open to hipsters from all walks of life...including frumpy, down to earth music lovers super stoked to find that Near Mint copy of Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers in the dollar bin to run home and spark one up to.  I'm still not sure what makes someone a hipster...if it's an insult or a compliment.  Would you rather be a square?  I dunno...but if you pass through our doors, you're instantly alright by me (until you piss me off).

Another bit of exciting news is that we will turn 4 'round Halloween time.   Recalling the night fire nearly sunk us (and thanks Rise Above Tattoo guys--the coolest tattoo joint this inkless dork can ever claim), never thought we'd be trudging through another 2 years.   Thanks Buffalo, and all visitors who've supported us.   Most of all, thank you for your patience.  Sometimes it all gets overwhelming and those special orders just cant go out or can't be found and sometimes it was my fault.  Sometimes people ordered records only never to return.  Often, it was crap we couldnt give away.   And since a lot of vinyl is  non-returnable, hurt.   But with the help of some great friends (you will see them behind the counter from time to time), we are really back on our feet with a vengeance and super excited about some new releases from thee Oh Sees 'Putrifiers II' lp (due in any day now), Ty Segall Band 'Slaughterhouse' 2x 10" (while i don't care for the 10" format, this is a fuckin' killer release in a long line of 'em from Segall and other bands/projects he's been associated like Sic Alps, his recent collaboration with White Fence and Mikal Cronin (Moonhearts) and basically everything he's put out as Ty Segall/Ty Segall Band.   Both of these recent releases come from In The Red Records--a label we love and you can trust.  It's certainly more prolific than the garage-punk label it started out as back in the early 90s.  Recent releases from the Intelligence, Cheap Time and Timmy's Organism attest to that.    

New releases from Sigur Ros (a 2xLP and a 10"), Animal Collective, Cat Power, Bukkake Boys, Passion Pit, Fiona Apple, Neon Piss, King Tuff, Fresh & Onlys, Dinosaur Jr., Puffy Areolas, Merchandise, Buttons Comp from Numero Group (the label who had the costanas to call out Record Store Day last year in an interview I probably posted, Royal Trux, Japandroids, Monoshock and more,  along with recent locally bred bangers UTAH JAZZ, Water Torture, Hubris (CD only) and killer reissues from STEREOLAB, APHEX TWIN, LEE HALEWOOD, TALK TALK and the recently bootlegged and finally official reissue of primal texas punks DICKS (Kill From The Heart, These People & Peace? 7".

A new release, the first in 6 years or so,  from Cat Power has been lauded in the music press as her best work since the Greatest LP (so we re-stocked it so you could decide).  It's street date is 9-5, a rather popular release date for a bunch of new albums...though one of the higher anticipated releases, the XX "coexist" lp has been bumped to late September, so i thought to treat you to a new track from it.  ANGELS .  

As you probably know, Spiral Scratch Records will be turning 4 and we figured we'd treat you to a cool show that is way too big for our dungeon venue--so Clint welcomed it at his humble Funeral Home in Riverside--NOBUNNY, APACHE DROPOUT, BAD SPORTS supported by our own WHITE WHALE (gruff, but loveable and one of he best in town--the same can be said for...) and MALLWALKERS.   We'll have a full-on distro marked way down along with Terminal-Boredom and Feral Kid distros...but make sure to check the bands merch tables first because you can come visit us anytime.

Lastly, for this overdue update, don't sleep on the massive amounts of killer used stuff ranging from original Buddy Holly lp's to first wave punk, 90's prog metal (every Opeth lp, o.g. pressings and other stuff of that ilk), recent indie, punk and lots of classic rock, deep cuts and prog.  our jazz section is bigger than ever, too.   So yes, things dipped for awhile, i blame the heat, but we're back on our feet and we're going to be more stocked than we have been in a long time.  We have also been selling lots of great, vintage turntables, receivers and even used guitars and basses!  

Though we're sure to miss our flip-flop wearing neighbor named Smook, we're pretty stoked to have a retro-everything (from candy to furniture) opening soon next door in the haunted house of crackheads!   A bit of normalcy...if they only knew...but Bald Bill nor I have the heart to scare them off!   We wish them the best.

Thats all for now,'ll be hearing from us regularly once again and with guest contributions, too!
9-3-12   4:32 a.m.


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