Saturday, November 16, 2013

Decency Rally IV Preview 2013



Adam Mickiewicz was a polish activist and political writer from the 19th century.  He is the namesake of Buffalo's oldest ethnic social club--we'll call it the Polish Library (seems like the punchline or set-up to a weak ethnic joke) though it's full name is the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle.  Located at 612 Fillmore on the city's fabled east side, the Polish Library has hosted other shows in the past, though it's yearly Decency Rally is undoubtedly it's biggest.  They also boast a bar full of eastern bloc beers at rock bottom prices, a friendly staff and a lonely pool table that is free.  Please stay off the piano, brosef.

Aaron Weese is a 21st Century Boy (man, but for the sake of T-Rex...)--spawned (and documented) a hardcore scene in Medina before setting sights on the big city and has been in some memorable bands.  He is the curator of this annual showcase of local, mostly aggressive (their are some key exceptions) bands based in the Queen City.   Usually, you can see local labels and organizations lining the wall with tables of records, donation buckets, literature and whatever else folks are passionate about.
Aaron probably fields many bands hoping to play--though there is never enough ro
om for everyone. 
You do, however, get a good chunk of whats happening in Buffalo's underground hardcore, punk and indie scenes with some of the better and serious bands--some established with records out; some in their formative stages.
Outside, you can smoke whatever it is you smoke, or enjoy the excellent Amy's Place Mobile Food Unit aka Amy's Place Truck.  This appeases those pesky veggie folk and murderous carnivores alike.  Inside, it's more than a show with a bunch of bands.  As touched on before, I'd expect a few tables wih local labels and distros and other things to keep you busy.  Bands play continuously in the large room downstairs, and the more intimate cove upstairs.  Expect times to go as posted.   

Mallwalkers recently released their debut lp on local via Albany label, Peterwalkee Records.  They have both been written about in detail on this blog and are no strangers to the Rally.  Expect a little extra from them on this special occasion.  And for christs sakes, pick up their debut longplayer "Shake The Rust Off" from peterwalkee records or yer favorite record shop.  Which better be this one, cheese.  Mallwalkers are more than a spectacle--they have some great songs, solid musicians, a concise vision which even the most stripped down bands forget is essential.

While Utah Jazz have relocated to Rochester (2/3, anyway) they still are claimed by Buffalo and are one of our favorite acts on the bill.  A relentless, bass-less garage punk attack that stretches genre boundaries and has become entrenched as a 'against the grain' band around these parts.  They're fantastic and i wish more bands would take a cue.  Some have.  It's raw, in your face and the rock and roll you need for survival. 

They say many people care the Herpes virus, though it is dormant.  Which leads us to Able Danger!  I first met the AD fellas from the north when they arrived at my home in North Buffalo with a demo for me to listen to.  I'll say i was shocked it had been recorded with a laptop in a friends living room in like 2 hours or something.  The first song was an "instant hit" and the others followed along.  This was just some good, home cooked punk rock with a bratty sneer and a local theme.  They haven't been playing much and while I'm unaware of their status, they will surface on saturday night once again.  Maybe if they receive a wild, welcome...they will play more often. 

Atmospheric rockers Ancients Of Earth took me by surprise at first listen...first heard on the Buffalo Brutality 7" comp offered up by Warm Bath.  They bring a less heavy approach, instead (and welcome) offer up a psychedelic, ambient to powerful doomy rock approach to their instrumental vision.  They recorded with Mr. Ski Mask at the Electric Pumpkin Patch Studio, though i have not properly heard this recording.  Not yet, anyway. 

Resist Control have been both delivering the goods via intense hardcore punk for several years now while being a bit overlooked and taken for granted at the same time.  These "lady-killers" boast a healthy pedigree of members and seem to be getting a second (or third) wind, as they have laid down a full lp (to be released at this same venue in early 2014) and will be a welcome site at the rally, as their live gigs have become few and far between. 

Some newer acts will showcase their results from hours spent in the basement or their overpriced practice room: The all female "gash crew" affiliated Cross Stitch, who just wrapped up a demo recorded by Mr. Matt "heartbreaker" Smith at his Hi-Lo studio.  These pretty gals will claw the eyes out of your sockets if you look at them wrong and are another up and coming band with a, hopefully, bright future as they progress.  They're off to a killer start if the demo and some live shows we've seen are any indication.  I'm a fan, even if it's my eyes that come out of their sockets on saturday!  Forget the "all girl" selling point, they're already one of this towns more unique and cool bands.  West Side Pride.  Real People recently played the Dungeon and kick out some serious DC-style post hardcore with an extreme tightness that is honest and unrelenting.  They, like many, are veterans of the 'Rally. 
Another new (to me, anyway) band is the Foster-fronted Flood Drinker -- a blast in your face punk rock outfit.  Sounds like the way we like it over here and the live show is anticipated.  They seem to have a sense of humor, yet the music is no joke.  Raging ragers.  Meanwhile, Sperm so new i havent heard them or seen them...yet!   A quick, yet thorough listen to their recordings unearths an interesting and not-typical Buffalo-core approach.  Some neat noisy thud, cool guitar playing and not afraid to slow things down.  A bright blip on the radar; a band i'm looking forward to see.  Speaking of which, Dream Journal have my attention lately (i was a latecomer to the DJ game...cut a man some slack).  One this town should be proud and lucky to have, while you'd never know it but we're experiencing a musical valley.  Not too shabby so far. DJ bring a welcome departure from typical by the numbers hardcore with a more-than-proficient gang of pals bringing the noise.   They were a last minute add, like Sperm, and will undoubtedly bring their a-game for such a big show.  Pick up their tape-only release on Drug Party (Dr. Stephen Floyd-Drinker's cassette only label) from the Drug Party webstore or out own brick and mortar shop. (i hate that term and we ain't just selling buttons)
 As annual as the Rally is the avante-garde Cages--Nola and Dave Bailey and a guest-- will be performing as a trio.  With a majority of tesosterone dripping from the seams in the hardwood, no voice fills the AMLADC  main room with more power than Miss. Nola.
Another rare not-so-punk garage psych band formed out of the ashes of the Fucking Hotlights is the Johns--songs by Johnny "Drama" Toohill and backed by some of Buffalo's "in the know" musicians--this band continues to get better with the passing days.  Well written songs delivered in their purest form (and catchy at that) should alienate the "punk as fuck set" enough that I can get some photos of this ultra-handsome band.
VOC.  Brutality from the mouths of babes.  I used to know these cats, but they dont tak to me be it.  They are a band and they bring it fast and br00tal.  i shall expect the same from those empowered ladies in ACHILLEA--pay no mind to the controversies and chit-chat.  

Mayday!.  Another band that is upper level stuff--surf-punk rock with killer guitar shreds and powerful vocals that seem to appeal to a wider audience.  They are no stranger to the rally, either...though you should probably check them out anyway.  Go on, square--click the link.  Own their records.  Some day we'll look back and see the bands that mattered and Mayday! will be discussed. Another familiar face at the Decency Rally, by now you should be well aware of the Seasonal Geese; a much more rewarding Google™ search when researching bands like Mayday!   They are a long running, hit-the-road band with a handful of cr00sh releases.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Finally, a band i haven't been privy to witness live, SunBlackSmoke will undoubtedly bring more volume and an unrelenting attack of what the kids call "stoner metal" which is an unfair term slapped on heavy, slower bands that have any remote debt to Sabbath or Pentagram.  Listening to SunBlackSmoke--there is a lot more going on here.   It's not a reinvention of the wheel, but it's not by the book "stoner metal" by any means.   I assume they are a newer band--byt unlike many on the bill, this is their first Decency Rally.  

The Decency Rally runs tight to the clock.  Expect a band to play at their set time and things to run fluidly.  Expect the bar to run out of beer towards the end of the night.  And no matter what you're into---get your ass down to 612 Filmore at any point and expect the unexpected.  this is a night where bands take it a step further, dig a little deeper--and a night for you to discover a part of whats going on underground in Buffalo.  

And Spiral Scratch will remain open open regular hours, as well as our Sprial Scratch Radio Program on 91.3fm wbny at 10.  It streams at    

Thanks for reading.  we'll be posting more store news later tonight.

from Buffalo north, take 33 Downtown and exit at the Science Museum.  take a left and a right on Filmore.  612 will be on the right.   Critters will be gathered out front and there is a huge parking lot across the street.  From south, downtown and points east or west...use your GPS.  Its a close and quick drive from anywhere else you'd be going to in the city tonight.  Get Decent, you're running out of time.


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