Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sniff The SCRATCH!

Buffalo Continues To RAGE!
We here at Spiral Scratch, moments ago, were graced with copies of the debut long player from 2 piece powerhouse Sonorous Gale's highly anticipated 'Two's A Crowd'. This is some serious business here, folks. Incredible and beautiful packaging...which is just for your eyes. Aurally, get ready for a pure, force of sound that is both chaotic and contained. Two may be a crowd, but this is an army of unpredictable rock power. I could go on, but I don't want to spoil it. What the hell are you waiting for?
In addition, we are carrying one of the latest offerings from the wildly prolific Art Of The Underground, an lp from The Radio Faces (members of the Ergs) which comes with a free download. Meanwhile, Salamanca based label Vega Vinyl has graced us with two 180 gram records: Park - Building A Better _____ 12" and The Constants - The Murder of Tom Fitgerill.

Nationally, we have re-stocked our dwindling Dischord releases, making availible agian those Minor Threat records you wore out years ago. In addition, the Embrace and Ian Mackayes' the Evens - Get Evens lp. Re-stocks of Fugazi records (all with digital downloads included): 13 Songs, Repeater, Red Medicine, Steady Diet of Nothing and the Margin Walker 12" are now aboard the racks. In addition, the Faraquet - Anthology lp has made it's way here tucked inside the same box. Let us not forget re-stocks on Q & Not U's - No Kill... lp and Minor Threat and Fugazi DVDs.

More new stuff in last week:
Bon Iver - Bloodbank
Mount Eerie - Dawn LP
Mummies - Play Their Own Records (resurfaced masterpiece from the real punk rock of the early 90s')
Naked Raygun - All Rise (limited re-issue, this time on green vinyl)
King Tuff - Was Dead LP
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar LP
Brainbombs - Fucking Mess (repress of the wildly sought after limited run from a few months back. Most of the world is just now discovering these two twisted Swedes minimalist and vulgar displays of power. They are back...for how long, we really can't say)
Lots of re-stocks from hotties like Hot Water Music, Gaslight Anthem, Bikini Kill, Pygmy Lush, the Hunches, Iron Lung, Sleep and Torche (including the 2x 10")

More to add later...and more on the way this coming week. We'll be sure to keep you in the know.

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