Friday, April 3, 2009

Rainy Day Scratch Report -- April 3

Staff Pick: Vee Dee - Public Mental Health System 2x LP
It's been nearly 5 long years since Chicago trio Vee Dee released their nearly perfect debut, Further. In that time they've struggled with a revolving cast of drummers while remaining the underrated and overlooked stalwarts of the Chicago underground rock scene.
With Criminal IQ behind them (they allegedly helped pay for this grand package that is a double lp with free compact disc enclosed) they forged on, developing a more psychedelic/hard rock sound (leaving in the dust the punker sound they had mastered on their debut) that is on a different plane than so many other young, hip and fashionable types playing "throwback hard rock". Aside from a 7" ep teaser released last year, this is the first the outside world has heard of Vee Dee in years. Titled Public Mental Health System, this double lp explodes from the opening track, "Glimpses of Another World" with blazing fuzzed out wah guitar bursts and equally pummeling bass lines with minds of their own. 4 sides and devoid of filler despite some longer songs. They show they can also write a 3 minute long infectious "hit" on tracks like "Teens O.D." too. All in all, a 4 sided masterpiece of full throttle psych/rock done by guys who are not making music for fame and money, but because they have to. It's here for you.

Also new and in-stock this week:

Wipers - Over The Edge LP Jackpot Records, in conjunction with Wipers frontman Greg Sage, unleashes the third essential Wipers lp on high grade vinyl and deluxe packaging-leaving no stone unturned. An upgrade in sound quality over the cd box set and some earlier versions/pressings when Greg Sage was getting ripped off. Is This Real? also still in stock.

Wavves - Wavvves LP - Pitchfork gave it an 8.1. That means it probably won't be around to long.
Wavves -s/t 12" - see above.

Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware LP - re-stock of latest from prolific songwriter Will Oldham.
Bonnie Prince Billy - chimjimi 10" - limited issue companion piece to the 'Beware' lp featuring non-album tracks unavailable on cd or download anywhere else, download codes for lp music and artwork in 10" form. Limited edition and going fast. Ultraload™!
Palace Brothers - There Is No One What Will Take Care of You

Death - ...for the whole world to see LP
- Drag City unearthed this trio of Detroit african-american brothers (as in, they shared the same father) playing heavy duty proto-punk/bare bones heavy psych-rock in the early 70s. Never released (Columbia showed interest but backed off when the band refused to change it's unmarketable name, except for the single which was self-released and is part of this lp. Critics have praised the album and the bands backstory, while fans have scrambled to get their hands on it. We managed to get ours on a few with more possibly on the way in the coming weeks.

Blitzen Trapper - Furr LP

plenty of re-issues and re-stocks and stuff we haven't had in before:

Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs LP+7"

Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted & Crooked Rain 180 gram re-issue LPs
Meatmen - We're the Meatmen and You Suck! LP
Warsaw s/t LP Before they re-named they re-named themselves Joy Division, they were a pack of unruly punk rockers. Required listening.
Joy Division - Leigh Rock Festival 1979 - extremely limited and well packaged set from legendary post-punk rock festival. Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies.
Beirut - March of the Zapotec 2xLP/2x CD
Annihilation Time - self-titled CD - first album before Jimmy took hold of the mic.
Silver Jews - Natural Bridge LP
Silver Jews - Starlight Walker LP
Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men LP
Murder City Devils - s/t LP
Torche - s/t reissue LP-*special low price
Torche - Meandrathal LP*
Wire - 154 LP
Wire - Chairs Missing LP
Television - Marquee Moon LP
Television - Adventure LP
Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady LP
mastered at half speed, spinning at 45 rpms
on two discs.
She & Him Lp/CD

and some new 7 inch arrivals:

more incoming this week including new Propagandhi 'Supporting Caste' 2x LP/2xCD. Exploding Hearts 'Guitar Romantic' lp, the Obits 'I Blame You' LP (featuring Rick 'Fork' ex-Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes debut record), Gaslight Anthem 'Sink or Swim Demos' 7" and much more.

*please note - quantities are often limited and things may sell out before we get a chance to re-order. first come, first serve. don't sleep.

and keep your ears peeled for PISSED JEANS presented by Spiral Scratch Records at Mohawk Place May 15th with special guests. Stay tuned...


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  2. can you get Morbid Angel's "alters of madness" 12"? what Suffocation records can you get?