Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5 Update: Incoming at SPIRAL SCRATCH

As always, we'd like to thank everyone who came in to see another fantastic In-Store performance--this time it was the work of Buffalo ex-pat Odie Wilson--ex Baseball Furie, currently from the NYC based Vilent Lovers Club. Also, a big thank you to all who attended/supported Big Neck Records 4th (and 10 year anniversary) Pain In The Big Neck Show. Last weekend was certainly one for the ages--and the final chapters on two bands who effectively kick-started the Big Neck label--The Blowtops and The Baseball Furies. Without question, our fine city was lucky to have them both.

The Blowtops shared split records with the likes of the White Stripes and had Jay Reatard contribute a song to their 2x 7" 10 year tribute (available here...last copies), recorded with the likes of Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.) and toured Europe several times, where they saw their greatest appreciation.

As the Baseball Furies were parting ways, they went into Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio, under the guidance of Bob Weston, and recorded what would be their final album, Throw Them To The Lions. The album would be the final point in their evolution as a wild and raw garage punk band to a great, honest rock and roll band-without sacrificing any of the energy or desperation of their earliest days. Their influences became apparent and they now had the confidence to quiet things down and showcase their talents as great songwriters who can effortlessly throw in a catchy hook without forgetting the rage that initially provoked them into dedicating their lives to rock and roll. Their final performance was one of the greatest things these eyes have ever witnessed on the Mohawk Stage. Perhaps I'm biased a bit...but there was litle question the band had lost anything; if anything the songs never sounded better. Their local supporters, and fans from out of town alike losing themselves for a time while the band blasted through 2 sets--clearly having the time of their lives, yet humble enough to take the show seriously enough to execute the songs with perfection. They spent most of their short visit practicing the sets. As for the album, it was released on this night and is now available here on both lp and cd format.
Incoming Stock!

APPLESEED CAST - Mara Vitalis - playing buffalo soon!

- s/t - the first in a series of Lifetime lp reissues!

- pre-Joy Division import of the initially scrapped first lp with 5 bonus tracks.
We also still have copies of the even rougher sounding Ideal For Killing import.

HIGH TENSION WIRES - Midnight Cashier - second and superior album from Marked Men (3) and a Red (pre-Marked Men band) spin off band. Confused? Basically, sounds like another great Marked Men album under a different name. Essential to Marked Men fans.

INSECT WARFARE - self titled - latest and, apparently, the last offering from Houston, TX grindcore band. A one sided 12" that spins, appropriately, at 45 rpms. There is something on the other side...but i'm pretty sure it's not music.

A vinyl version of this posthumous release, which contains songs culled from every compilation and split release, cover songs, the original six-song demo, a live radio appearance, and assorted demo versions of KID DYNAMITE classics.

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Bill said to get this thing in--it's a fuckin' classic. So we did. He was correct.

NOFX - Frisbee (LP)/Coaster (CD) Their latest in stock and in both formats.

NOBUNNY - Love Visions - Repress of hard to score solo outing courtesy of Justin (Sneaky Pinks/Okmoniks). Pure fun. Bubblegummy pop punk, loosely performed. The soundtrack for your next house wrecking dance party. Look around, and you'll also see we have the Sneaky Pinks 7" in stock this week as well.

RADIOHEAD - High & Dry 12" ep - In addition to keep in stock a good portion of their full length catalog, which often includes rare import live and unreleased collection, we've tested the 12" ep waters with this fine slab from their classic album. This particular 12" includes the non-lp b-side Maquiladora and the hexidecimal mix of Planet Telex. Plenty more of recently issued 12" singles are available upon request. We picked some from the Bends because it so happens to be this hack writing this favorite Radiohead album.

GRIZZLY BEAR - Veckatimest - These are moving out quickly, but more are due in soon.

16 - Bridges To Burn - Long running, yet sporadic band 16 unleash their first long player since 2003 with Bridges To Burn, We have not forgotten the 'heads, by any means. We also still have copies of the latest Mastodon (Crack the Skye) lp, Pig Destroyer - Natasha and the diy released Otesanek lp on NancyJo Records (dave bailey, buffalo ex-pat's imprint). Our used section is not light on it's precious metals, either.

Locally, we have recently received releases from the Missing Planes, and front woman's solo project Ellen West "Preparing To Be Forgotten", as well as some mighty handsome Missing Planes t-shirts.
Also, the latest from hard rocking CHYLDE with their Now It Can Be Told CD.
We're also carrying a few releases off of up and coming Rochester label Farewell Party Records (Nick says he's a cool dude) with a full-length LP by the Capital District's CALEB LIONHEART "Think Hardcore, Play Pop Punk" [mystery colors], Rochester's HEAVY HEARTED s/t 7" ep (also on differing colors-no peeking, nerds)) and a cleverly packaged cassette tape from New Bedford, Massachusetts pop punkers (and dashingly handsome) HALF HEARTED HERO aka HHH --a12 song cassette entitled Defining, Refining. We have blue and green. Yep. Also, a reminder that we are carrying Salamanca's VEGA VINYL releases, the latest being DAMERIA's M(US)IC lp.

Psychedelic Scratchings:
Chicago's Vee Dee not only put out one of the Spiral Scratch "Team Scratch" consensus favorites so far this year, the fuzzed out psych-garage powerhouse that is their second lp, a double that includes a cd of the album (and is back in stock now), Public Mental Health System, but they also turned us on to a obscure psych-rock masterpiece that for years was a collectors dream; now is pressed to 180 grams of vinyl and will cost you less than a pizza!

The Koala, a nyc band who, for some strange reason, were billed as Aussies, put their one and only album out in 1968. From the AllMusicGuide: "The Koala mixes the Who's frantic rhythms and Stones-style garage rock with riotous psych leads and venomous, proto-punk vocals. An impressive introduction, but the unit decided to call it a day soon after their album was made available and the record disappeared without much notice. It was rediscovered in the 1990s, with original LPs selling for high prices to fans of long-lost, high-energy garage psych-punk." (4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars)

- Hunky Dory & Aladdin Sane
THE CURE - Pornography
TOM WAITS - Swordfishtrombones
GRAM PARSONS - GP & Grievous Angel
BIG STAR - #1 Record & Radio City
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! - f#a#, Lift Your s|Skinny Fists... and Yanqui X.O.

old school hip-hop/rap vinyl re-issues!
WU TANG KLAN - 36 Chambers - re-stock of top selling classic album
NWA - Straight Outta Compton/20th Anniversary 2x LP Gatefold (street knowledge!)
PUBLIC ENEMY - Yo! Bum Rush The Show!
PUBLIC ENEMY - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
KURTIS BLOW - The Breaks
7 inches hitting the shelves:
  • BOUNCING SOULS "Anniversary"
  • VIVIAN GIRLS (their latest!)
Don't forget our fancy music related dvd section...which now includes a few used (and cheap) previously enjoyed titles, and some hard to find titles the classic "URGH! A MUSIC WAR!" , "BEAT CLUB BEST OF's" and a "BEST OF FLIPSIDE VIDEO" DVD. These sit alongside current must-haves like the Minutemen documentary (plus bonus disc full of live footage) WE JAM ECONO, Belle & Sebastian's "FANS ONLY", several cool GBV titles, Live Jesus Lizard video and tons more.
Most of us at Team Scratch do a radio show Saturday Nights on WBNY 91.3 fm (you can hear it streaming live at called SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE BOOKSTORE. Some people call it "the punk show" but we know better. It's all over the musical map depending on our moods. Punk, post-punk, proto-punk, indie, hardcore, post-hardcore,garage, rock, psychedelic, shitgaze™, weird punk, metal, hard rock, power-pop, powerviolence (well, not very much at all of that), noise, and other yet to be named genres. This all takes place at 9pm on Saturday nights. Anyway, more importantly-- over the last few years, the WBNY Alumni Association formed to
keep a watch on things and help out as the station struggles with university politics and is grossly underfunded. The group volunteers their time and is made up of former WBNY station members. We are proud to be selling the WBNY 91.3fm Rebellious Jukebox t-shirts here to support the organization. ALL proceeds of t-shirt sales will go directly to help the people who help WBNY, an important part of the music community that needs to be heard and supported. Now get in here and buy a shirt...and some records.

Spiral Scratch Box Office - No Service Charges!
Currently selling Tickets for:
STRIKE ANYWHERE Saturday June 27 @ Mohawk Place 16 + $12
UNEARTH Sunday July 12 @ Mohawk Place 16+ $15
coming soon: A.C., GERMS and more....

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