Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainy Night Update -- Super Secret Sales/Incoming/Upcoming

For those of you who invaded the Scratch on Record Store Day awhile back...the folks who thought of the whole thing are back with an event called "Vinyl Saturdays". Of course, every day is vinyl day at Spiral Scratch (but yes, we still carry new and used cd, dvd and print product)...we just thought we would tip our blog readers off to some more limited records. Very dont tell your friends (if you have any). In addition...we are finally on the ball with a few new releases.

SONIC YOUTH - the Eternal Album number 16 from a band who keeps on ticking, seemingly effortlessly at this point. The Eternal is a beautifully packaged double lp (seems to be almost the norm these days) with free download, and heavy duty lp's inside a glossy, beautiful cover. As for the music, we've heard good things. Really good things. We ordered these direct through Matador and are gasping at what other outlets are selling it for. We have this at the "Nice Price™" while supplies last.

ADVERTS - Crossing The Red Sea LP - Singles Collection LP - Some of the finest the UK had to offer in the late 70s, these slabs are back in stock and absolutely essential to any fan of first wave British punk. A short career, yet they remain timeless and one of the best bands to emerge from that time period.

CHRIS BELL - I Am The Cosmos - A favorite of Team Scratch member, "Wild Bill", Chris Bell was a founder and major creative presence in the early years of BIG STAR. After leaving the band he created this deeply personal collection of songs that would be released years after his troubling death. A must for BIG STAR fans who are both aware or unaware of the unsung hero of the first two albums from the Memphis legends. Another handsome re-issue on the trustworthy 4 Men With beards imprint.

NECROS - "Conquest For Death" 1983 lp. First ever release on Touch & Go...back when Tesco was callin' the shots...

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Inflammable Material LP Shit, yeah.

Long awaited re-stock of this aussie sensations amazing sophomore effort (and some big shoes to fill at that, mate)....ECSR play it straight-ahead, with thick accents, driving and catchy punk rock songs and no strings attached. A band that is hard not to like and album that will most likely be affixed to many "best of" lists at years end. Our copies have yellow covers this time around; hope thats cool with you. We also have their latest 7" in stock, too.
Get on this, as it sold out quickly last time. REVIEW

THE HORRORS - Primary Colours - Yep, another album named Primary Colours...except it's from UK band the Horrors (on XL Recordings). They have apparently abandoned their "creepy" sounds for a more psychedelic drone direction on this one (it's been moving fast, too) and has received rave reviews.

RANCID - Let The Dominoes Fall 2x lp- It's sure been awhile, but RANCID fans rejoice...the band is still alive and intact, minus longtime drummer brett reed, has resurfaced with a bombastic double lp, their 7th (cd with dvd available for special order). See ya in the Scratch...

NEKO CASE - Middle Cyclone LP (shipped) - This time we discovered the magic of the "pre-order" and will have these in a timely fashion. Her fifth album (we also have, in stock, Canadian Amp and the live Tigers Have Spoken albums) and it features the same core band that has been backing her throughout.


Upcoming by weeks end: Death Cab For Cutie "Something About Aeroplanes", Deerhunter "Rainwater Cassette", Spacemen 3 "DJ Tones", Pavement "Westing..." re-issue, Blank Dogs "Under & Under" 2x LP and more...

Keep an eye on out on the black Bargain Crate, which features new releases and old classics marked down from $1-$4! Lots of incoming used and dollar bin fodder, too. Get in here, squares!

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