Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marching Into March

From the makers of fine radio and thee finest rock and roll record boutique this side of Delaware Avenue! Out now and available at all Spiral Scratch Records locations! (and select shows)...soon elsewhere:
Scratch N Sniff zine: Music writing from America's diseased underbelly .
Issue:1 features the ramblings of ROT SHIT (pittsburgh), features on late 60's obscure rockers of indigenous decent, LINCOLN STREET EXIT, BRAINCAR, some columns, grainy photos and record reviews you really should be giving credence too. These people like records, like rock and roll, work in record stores and broadcast their favorite records every saturday night in a small fm radio booth while the rest of the world slurps down overpriced drinks in urine soaked taverns...or worse.

Issue #1 is out now and available here NOW.

  • Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me 3x lp box ($24.99) [cd available upon request]
Fans of Joanna Newsom know she transcends folks-pop music. A surprisingly extensive follow up to her acclaimed 2006 effort, Y's-Have One On Me is over 2 hours long. According to recent's not enough. Packaged as a box set and priced to sell! Hurry before they vanish.

  • High On Fire - Snakes For The Divine 2x LP/CD
The fifth studio album from ex-Sleep guitar wizard Matt Pike and the power-trio shows no signs of letting up or settling into a formula. Instead, the band is said to have made a progression on this double-yet avoid the familiar concepts and technicalities that are all too evident on today's more popular metal bands. They would rather pummel you, instead. And that, they do.

  • Infest - 10" - Mankind [deep six records]
Ventura, California's INFEST blazed a trail for one of the hardcore offshoots we now know as 'power-violence'. To the untrained music nerd, Infest is just brutal hardcore-and damn good-n-fierce at it. This 10", originally released in 2004, compiles the Mankind 7", as well as 4 compilation racks. The band existed from the mid 80s, dissolving in the mid-to-late 90s. Their recordings are much sought after and we hope to have the reissue of No mans Slave back in as soon as the people in charge make that possible.
*In case you missed out the first time around, Deep Six is sending us directly, more copies of the mind blowing Low threat Profile 7".

  • King Khan & His Shrines - Three Hairs and You're Mine LP
Following the dissolution of Montreal based garage punk band, the unpredictable King Khan (of the amazing King Khan & BBQ Show!) worked in several projects--the Black Jaspers (recently reissued for the first time) and just prior to that, formed the amazing Shrines in late 1999. Unlike his garagey, lo-fidelity pre and post projects, this is well produced soul/funk with a full horn section. This here is a repress of their elusive first album.
Check it out if you dont trust me: "Don't You Walk Away Mad"

other stuff in this week:
  • Ted Leo & the Pharmacists -The Brutalist Bricks LP - Brand new, just in as I was about to wrap this shit up--The Brutalist Bricks finds "the Pharmacists" as a 4 piece (including Teddy). This ex-punk/Chisel vet effortlessly writes infectious pop songs, a 10 year solo career finds him landing on his third label--Matador, of which these came straight from. Tune.
  • High On Fire - Art Of Self Defense LP Their debut album. Compare & Contrast. Includes a bonus 7".
  • Desert Sessions Volumes 1-6 LP/euro import versions,2 volumes per LP. A long out of print concept led by QOTSA/Kyuss leader Josh Homme, a cast of familiar names and a big sack of mushrooms collaborate in a desert studio. Rare and limited.
  • Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum/Insideoutside [deluxe 180 gram MONO reissues.] Just released on the fantastic Sundazed label. We still have "budget" versions of Vincebus Eruptum and Oh! Pleasant Hope on standard vinyl. Don't let the "budget" scare you off--these are just as likely to blow your head off as the fancy mono audiophile ones.
  • V/A - Our Boy Roy [Roy Orbison Tribute] Today's BEST garage rock/punk superstars pay homage to the mighty Mr. Orbison, all with their own unique twists. Features: Cheater Slicks, Ty Segall, Demons Claws, Jacuzzi Boys, Charlie & the Moonhearts and more!
  • Wasted Time - Futility lp Highly acclaimed hardcore-punk band returns heavier than ever. Real deal stuff here for those still board. No throwback, revival type stuff here...just what it says.
  • GISM - Detestation - High quality "reissue" of Japanese hardcore classic. limited units.
  • She & Him 7" - Two new tracks in anticipation to forthcoming Volume 2 LP.
  • Do Make Say Think - Other Truths LP Canadian post-rock outfits sixth album, on Constellation Records.
  • Mos Def - The Ecstatic - Critically acclaimed "return to form" journalism's way of saying it's his best in quite some time.
  • Priestess - Prior To The Fire LP Signed to TeePee Records, this is the long awaited second album from Montreal based hard rockers.

Make sure to check out the Matador debut of Philly acclaimed singer/songwriter/spaceman/noisemaker Kurt Vile's latest (and first for Matador), Childish Prodigy. It's a favorite of ours, too.

Lastly, Matador has graced us with lower priced reissues of the Pavement catalog--including Wowee Zowee and Brighten The Corners.

More to come.


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