Monday, February 21, 2011


a date we had all somewhat cautiously approached. many concerns were brought up and for a tiem, there was consideration the entire show be moved. for one, the HOMOSTUPIDS are not your average punk rock band. with at least one ex-nine shocks terror member (and he's not really the "crazy" one), i personally have attended shows of theirs were i thought my life was endangered. but buffalo proved itself once again.

no, it wasn't tame by any means. and thats a good thing. these shows are not meant to be tame. they are supposed to be a little dangerous. and by god, it was. but we incurred minimal damage, no theft (that we are aware of) and most of the attendees are customers/friends...all who kept an eye out for anything over the top.

the evening of music began with the beloved UTAH JAZZ, Buffalo's long awaited spastic, bass-less garage punk band featuring members of MAYDAY!, Brown Sugar, Baast and a couple ex-City Creeps.
The smiling bloke on right guitar was instrumental in putting the entire thing together, along with an unpictured Chuck Barrels--both of whom saw that the Spiral Scratch Dungeon was game ready.
Of course, one of punk rocks finer units, HOMOSTUPIDS, returned to Buffalo to play where they enjoy most--below sea-level. Some fans frustrated with their lo-fi recordings get a taste this trio means serious business, can play and have songs to back it all up in the live setting. They seemed tickled to be back in Buffalo--which they are admitted fans of. Tickled pink and even rare smiles:

Rounding out the evening was post-hiatus PLATES. Eventually, and without being too self-indulgent, we took to the floor and banged through a set that began under cover of darkness.

We'd like to think it was a smashing success and thank all who took time out of their busy friday evening to converge upon the 'Scratch to witness this show.
Our crack security squad: Chuck Barrels, Malik, Marisa & Sam, Stokes!, Carson and all of our customers and friends who again, had fun and got ugly--but respected our little place. And although these particular shots were taken by Anchovies and Stokes--a special thanks to Clint Carr for his hundreds of shots that can be seen here: lots of pics and video


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