Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marching into March

It's just over a month away from the highly anticipated RECORD STORE DAY. we're excited just as you are...but the stress will be on our end. try and let us know what you seek beforehand so you wont be disappointed. once again, we can't afford the "independent truckload" of releases ( a lot of them garbage, anyway), so lets just be specific as always. its the way we like to play it. quality always trumps quantity.

Issues at hand: our latest incoming stock. Some cool new releases, essential reissues, crucial restocks and oft overlooked classics.

PJ HARVEY - Let England Shake - Harvey's #8 studio album in a remarkable 20 year career was one whose music was based on pre-written lyrics--dark and gloom subject matter like the darkest of them all-war. In this case, The Great War--WWI, but thats just the symbolism and the subject matter--coupled together with the songs produce an album unique and unlike anything the Great Queen Polly Jean has done before. Might as well stand and take notice now, as this one is sure to be lauded at years end.
TALIB KWELI - Gutter Rainbows Freed from the confines of a major label, as the cliche goes, Kweli here makes an album that he wanted to make and made for himself. Though the overwhelming production is said to have been stripped down somewhat, it is certainly not a major departure album. Fans will certainly be pleased with Kweli's classic rap formula, rather than forced attempts to reinvent it. No, we dont just sell punk records.

CLOCKCLEAN ER - Nevermind (this description has been lifted, with great respect/without permission, from NYC Academy Records blog--because I, a huge fan of the band and Mr Sharkey himself, couldn't have said it any better myself. Sharkey hated many things, and was hated back with vigor...but he loved and was loved Buffalo. A closer look into the man can explain that. regardless, read on)
Fan Death Records is proud to bring you CLOCKCLEANER’s legendary first LP Nevermind, receiving its first vinyl release. Allegedly written while singer/guitarist JOHN SHARKEY was suffering from a weeks-long case of bilateral amnesia, Nevermind shocked those listeners lucky enough to hear it with its acidic, misanthropic noise-rock spew. Live, Clockcleaner took an uncompromising approach towards alienating audiences, bands, and venues, leading a local alt-weekly to crown them "the most hated band in Philadelphia" in a cover story. While more sensitive types bristled at tracks called "Interview w/ a Black Man" and "Gentle Swastika" (among others), those who were able to stand through their seizure-inducing live shows and vulgar display of reverb found that this band actually wrote songs. Darkly humorous songs with an attitude corrosive enough to melt the mustache off a Northern Liberties Man Man fan. After you've come to know and love Babylon Rules and Auf Wiedersehen, you'd be doing yourself a favor by coming back to where it all began. Includes a download.
KLEENEX™/LiLiPuT - 4x LP Box
With Mississippi Records, it's a safe bet you are being exposed to something interesting, perhaps overlooked during its lifetime and packaged beautifully--you're gettin your moneys worth. This 4 LP box doesnt musically expand upon the previous 2 cd KillRockStars Anthology, but it does break it up into 8 sides of vinyl with a beautiful book all packaged into a tough as nails old school tip-on style box. We thank Dave @ Revolver/Midheaven for tipping us off to these before they vanished (they havent vanished from the shop yet...what are you waiting for??). A truly unique, all female band from Zurich, Sweden--Kleenex may be best known publically for Kimberly-Clarks demand they change their name (hence, Liliput), but their fances never dropped the Kleenex. Instead, they became unofficially referred to as Kleenex-Liliput. Musically, the band was a unique punk band (with an occasional male passing through the line-up), feminist and up-front.
They toured with the likes of the Raincoats, Subway Sect, Gang of Four and Swell Maps. In 1980, the corporate giants ame down on them for their use of Kleenex. Not to be overlooked, is a 10"x10" full color booklet, 12 pages long, of photos and words. A crucial piece of music history presented right and worth every penny. Hopefully when they're gone, they make more as their is clearly a demand.

BRIGHT EYES A reissue of a collaboration betwixt Nina Divona & Bright Eyes originally released on Crank! in 2004, now issued by Saddle Creek with 4 additional songs (making it a long player) on 180 grams of vinyl and with download in tact.

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - Asleep On The Floodplain - released in a few weeks back on Drag City, this is their latest.

LOW ANTHEM - SMART FLESH - Another one only a few weeks old, this is Low Anthems follow-up to their '08 debut. Dreamy Americana. As the Washington Post has put it, "The Low Anthem isn't the first bunch of indie rockers to experiment with older string-band instruments and echoes of the songs of pre-1940 rural America. But no one has done it better than this Rhode Island trio... That's because very few bands have paid so much attention to detail, or to beauty."

Chet the Jet, my late father and spiritual partner (we were to be partners before his passing shortly before we opened) was a wild jazz wild as i am a punk rock geezer. Eventually, I took notice. Going beyond that, helpful customers have made suggestions and through my own further research, we have continues to stock classic jazz reissue records. The obvious, some may say, like Coltane, Mingus, Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman, Brubeck along with some other incredible yet lesser known "beats" like Theolonius Monk, Lee Morgan, Grant Green and others can be found mixed in the new and used albums. Sometimes the glut of reissues makes it hard to keep up and while we do our best, we always look for the input of our well trained customers. Don't be shy...let us know what you're after. If you're tired of seeing 3 figure price tags on beat up early presses, many of these reissues are done by the original labels who released them in the first blace (Blue Note, Impulse!, Vanguard, etc). Lately, we have dabbled into the works of Archie Shepp and some other new ones. you'll just have to keep flipping or miss out. we recommend coming to visit as the weather gets somewhat more tolerable.

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Sound of Silver 2x lp
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - This is happening 2x lp
FRESH & ONLYS - Play It Strange
RESIDENTS - Not Available
TOM WAITS - Closing Time
OH SEES - Dog Poison
DRI - Violent Pacification 7"
OFF! 7" Box
OWEN - New Leaves
THE JAM - All Mod Cons
OTIS REDDING - Pain In My Heart
TOO $HORT - Life Is...
BLIND WILLIE MCTELL - Early Years 1927-1933
BIG BLACK - 3 7"'s

As preparation for the february 18th show in the dungeon, as well as our good pals/former neighbors at RISE ABOVE TATTOO informing us of untold boxes of surviving used records in the bowels of our former location, the "used section" has blown up with some super cool titles and great deals. We're packed to the max, so come find some gems and help us make space for more incoming stuff. Dust gatherers have been relocated to the Dollar Bin where some excellent deals can be found. And if you still love those plastic silvery discs, we have a good few rows of still-in-the -shrinkwrap discs from national and local artists. Lots of great titles from Jay reatard, Hold Steady, expanded Ramones discs, baseball Furies, Iceberg, My Bloody Valentine, Dirtbombs and basically no junky shit. Also, it should be known not a single cd is over $9.99. We pride ourselves on our low prices of both vinyl and digital--which involves not beinglazy when ordering and your patience is appreciated. As is your support. Thank You.

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MATADOR SUPER SALE (and various other Matador related releases)
In a reverse move in the topsy-turvey world of rock and roll [sic], the mighty Matador Records has slashed prices on some classic, essential releases. Some of these, in stock, include classics from GUIDED BY VOICES (Alien Lanes, Under The Bushes Under The Stars), JAY REATARD (Watch Me Fall), INTERPOL (self titled), MISSION OF BURMA, NEW PORNOGRAPHERS (Electric Version, Twin Cinema)and some choice other surprises.
In addition, the latest from Philly's "Constant Hitmaker", singer-songwrter Kurt Vile--Smoke Rings For My Halo. Vile has moved away from the lo-fi charm which graced his earlier albums in favor of a straight ahead style with cleaner production which opens the door to appreciate both Vile's penchant for melody and pretty impressive guitar playing. In the past, that has been obscured (in a good way) by white noise, space sounds and limitations of a 4-track recorder, all hallmarks which gave him the "psychedelic-folk" tag--now everything is out in the open and the result is another move in the right direction for this incredibly talented kid. Great songs make a great album.

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