Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Record Store Day Update III: the Final Conflict

Just a few days away...and if we can somehow keep up this weather, things could turn really nice.

The boxes have begun to arrive, as has the bad news (several titles delayed until next week)--but thats just another reason to come visit.

DOORS OPEN AT 10 A.M. we will be inside, but you wont...until 10 a.m. :)

and just a few groundrules in place, as we have since we started taking part in 2009--one RSD exclusive per customer. No exceptions, and no holds. We've got some cool stuff coming in above and beyond the "official" Record Store day sanctioned releases.

The Oh Sees have quickly became one of our customers' favorites--the extremely prolific John Dwyer led band who straddles the line between garage punk, psych, dreamy summertime pop that breezes softly and uptempo rock and roll (with vocal help from Bridged Dawson that provides an unmistakable harmony with the hyperactive--yet sometimes tame Dwyer). prolific is actually a bit of an understatement for thee Oh Sees who have released about 5-6 lp's since we've opened our doors. in addition, trying to keep up with that and their singles is quite the chore. This sorta-Record Store day Release should lighten the search for fans--thee Oh sees Singles Collection : Volume One & Two. Opaque Red and solid green records and, of course, painfully limited.

Another interesting one that you wont find on the .pdf comes to us from Permanent Records in Chicago. A split 12" limited to a mere 750 copies featuring Toledo noise creepers PUFFY AREOLAS and the twisted guitarist from the amazing BIRDS OF MAYA, PURLING HISS. Released on a special "deep groove" 12" slab (providing extra loudness--it's all about the deepness of the grooves, not the grams of vinyl). One track each--both around 8 minutes long. Although these have been delayed direct from Permanent--we still managed to score copies from a nice distributor. Confusing, but who long as you have a shot at the lp. Of course, we'll have more when they run out in the coming days.

Trouble In Mind, another supercool Chicago label has offered up a 4-way 7" for Record Store Day--featuring our beloved Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Jack Oblivion, Mean Jeans and one more putting their spin on a wide array of cover songs--all exclusive tracks that will not and do not appear anywhere else.

Black Angels
Vivian Girls 7"
Superchunk "Strings" lp
Antony & the Johnsons
Discordance Axis
Deerhoof/XiuXiu 12"
Revelation Reissue 7"'s (en route)
Mates of State
Rise Against 7"
Wild Flag 7"
Gold Panda
Of Montreal
Fucked Up lp
New Pornographers 7"
Deerhunter 7"
and a rather large box of titles....too many to list. will update when they arrive.
there are also lots of cool restocks coming with these orders--Bill Callahan, Kurt Vile, Clockcleaner, Wipers, Low, Stooges, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Mogwai, Subhumans, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Bob & Gene (classic Buffalo soul!), Black Keys, Black Lips, Black Flag and Black Time. Sorry, no Black 47 or Black Uhuru on the horizon...

**quick manifesto**
to help you all who read this better understand why i don't list all the "stuff we're gettin'" is a complicated one. i'm not being lazy...i just don't know what will come regardless of what we ordered. even this late in the game. the game is a little bit sketchy at times and it's not as simple as "placing an order", put in for a limited piece and hopefully you spent enough money with that distributor for them to "hook you up". We're a small store, a mom & pop...and we live week to week like most of the rest of you out there. It's a shame such a fun day can get so sketchy (and weird) behind the scenes, but that's my problem! Not yours! We're pulling out all the stops to make this our best Record Store Day ever! And make no mistake, Record Store Day, in the end, is a fantastic thing for the shops, the fans and everyone involved. We just wish they'd make more of the records! With all the cool stuff happening inside the shop, LLoyds Taco Truck will be parked right outside for you to maul foodstuffs. And don't be afraid to stop in before...we've got some cool stuff in-stock and heading to the used crates already. we are NOT holding back anything at this point, it's ging out as fast as we can price it! **end manifesto**
IN-STORE PERFORMANCE LINE-UP (set times and performers are subject to change!)

11:30-12:15 Matt Smith (of the Orphans)
12:30-1:15 Tony Flaminio(of the Failures Union)
1:30 -2:00 Mark Costantino (of Fences Make Good Neighbors)
4:00-4:30 White Whale
5:00-5:30 Mallwalkers

stay tuned for up to the minute updates here, on facebook, twitter and if im really bored (doubtful), myspace!

i'm a wreck; a human mess! i do it all for you!


  1. You are also getting cute girls to help man the register. Don't forget the power of the poon Daveybear.