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Be prepared for an earlier opening time and some musical acts--some of the finest in town as a matter of fact. Tony Flaminio (Failures Union), White Whale, Treetop, Mark "Mark" Costantino (Fences make Good Neighbors/ex-Exit Strategy) are just a few of the confirmed acts who will be playing our dollar bin dungeon. And like an easter egg hunt--ever stack is worth a flip. We have become a bit more liberal with our buck specials as space limitations demand. No more gouged out Streisand turds...but maybe a mint copy of the first Cars album ain't such a bad way to blow a dollar bill. Just an example.

So you want lists? Here's a few titles we've ordered for ya:

Bad Brains - Pay To Cum 7"
Beach Boys (78 rpm?!)
Black Angels - Phosgene Nightmare 10"
Blitzen Trapper
Big Star - Third
(test press edition)
Antony & the Johnsons - Swanlights
Puffy Areolas/Purling Hiss split
Boris - Attention Please
Discordance Axis - The Inalienable Dreamless
Eddy Current/Mean Jeans/Jack Oblivian/Wrong Words 7" (SXSW/RSD only)
Rise Against - Join the Ranks 7"
Gold Panda - Marriage 12"
Black Angels - Another Nice Pair
Quicksand s/t 7"(opaque blue)
Burn 7" s/t (opaque yellow)
Youth of Today s/t 7" (opaque red)
Elliott (gray vinyl) lp
Mates of State - Team Boo 12"
Boris - Heavy Rocks
OFF! - Live @ Generation 7"
Superchunk - Heres Were The Strings Come In lp/7" (hmmm)
Owen - O, Evelyn
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
Plates - Garth Butcher ep (white vinyl with black specks)
Vivian Girls 7"
Kill Rock Stars compilation
Busdriver - ATM 12"
Of Montreal - Past Is A Grotesque Animal 12"
New Pornographers 7" (unreleased track)
Fucked Up (as V/A) - Town Comp LP (an entire lp of outtakes from their forthcoming album due out in june! A cool back story to this one, which will be released in an interesting concept form--but we'll let you discover the story on your own! Super limited.)
*check for super-marked down Fucked Up albums direct from Matador in the shop now!
Deerhunter 7"
Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide 7"(classic Killed By Death tracks and more, recorded by the legendary Skip Groff at Inner Ear and boasting 2 never before released tracks)super limited and essential DC hardcore punk.
the Frustrators Griller (red vinyl)7" featuring mike dirnt of some other band...
Touche Amore ...To The Beat of a Dead Horse lp
Flaming Lips (you know the deal...)

ok...if i keep going, there will be no part 3! This year, Record Store Day has really exploded. Over 250 "official and exclusive releases" and the smaller indies are getting in on the act, too. So add that to the 250 and things are officially 'off the proverbial hook'. we happen to find that in many cases, these smaller labels releases are the TRUE exciting items and we tried to snatch as many as we could. these are the records with the songs you won't find anywhere else.

Of course, the standards were focused on too...but there is more to Spiral Scratch Record Store Day 2011 than these exclusive slabs from some killer bands, and the live in-stores. Expect special giveaways, NEW Spiral Scratch t-shirts! Canvas Record Tote Bags (printed by our great friends at ARGY BARGY PRINTING and designed by Mark Hatley of Hatley Editorial & Design

More records? After our unfortunate fire last May, we packed up due to situation of our building, reluctantly at the time. Happy off Elmwood...we are still finding boxes of unpriced vinyl that never made it out of storage. A HUGE box of 7", old 45's was unearthed. We will be pricing these (the Nice Price™) and putting these out on Record Store Day, too. Some real classics including some local heroes of days gone by. This is not to say we will be with-holding used vinyl--it will go out as usual and we have been slammed lately--but this particular box has been deemed our exclusive RSD used box.

Just to be fair, please don't ask for holds or multiple copies of any exclusive titles. It puts me in a difficult spot and it's just not fair. We don't want to lose friends, break hearts or grant anyone special privileges over anyone let's be cool and make this fun, because thats what its all about. And keep your eyes out for us...last year was the first time we actually witnessed a theft. as corny as this sounds, we're all kinda friends here, a small shop like our backs and we'll watch yours if you catch my drift. We'll be fully staffed--but if you see something shady, please let us know. And if yer hungry ( we recommend coming on an empty stomach), LLoyds Taco Truck will be out front with limited edition tacos, 180 gram burritos and opaque guacamole colored vinyl (maybe)!

Lastly, we hope to make this a great day for all our customers/friends who keep the ship afloat. And all of you who helped us after the fire--we haven't, nor will I ever, forget the lift we got from the people of Buffalo, labels as big as Matador and as small as Tic Tac Totally and Trouble In Mind. Receiving a package of records from my favorite band, the Cheater Slicks along with tons of others from as far as Italy and France has made this all worth while no matter what the outcome. Martin from Sit-n-Spin rebuilding our melted counter in the sweltering August heat, Norelle donating a laptop and the tons of folks who offered a hand or words of encouragement. Especially Bill Nehill and the benefit show--all who attended, all the bands who seemed to kick a little extra ass than usual that night, my mom and Team Scratch and basically anyone who has spent the time to walk through the door. Donny, the Artvoice cover, Buffalo Rising, Ryan from UB Generation and the Skunk Post....this could go on for ever, so it's time to wrap it up for now. The point is, we're gonna do our best to thank you on Record Store Day and every day before and after, for that matter. Thank You. Again.
Incoming Stock Report
DAVILA 666 - Tan Bajo Everyone I knew who attended SXSW this year (and missed the Screeching Weasel show!) came back raving about Davila 666. You need not understand a single word from this Puerto Rican 6 piece who have graced us with their second record on the never-fail In The Red Records. Though some of the shout-along garage thumpers of their first album have been replaced with sonic layers and potent songwrting, sometimes recalling the jangle of 60s girl groups (as performed by wild, shirtless Puerto Rican crazies), touches of psychedelic rock with a successful progression from their JAMC/VU garage rock of their debut...this band has taken a step forward (not to say the debut isn't essential--it is) with a tremendous sophomore effort that earned them the attention of "the big music media" this time around.

UV RACE - Homo The one-two punch this month from In The Red comes from Australia in the form of UV Race (did you catch their fantastic performance at the Fun Home last summer? when they were joined by mikey "eddy current" young?). well fans of ECSR won't be disappointed with pals UV Race on this, their second album. This is a band who dabbles in proto-punk, post-punk, krautrock and psychedelia...ultimately churning out some outlandishly catchy tracks. male and female vox, a cozy organ and more great aussie rock and roll. A band to watch.

LIEUTENANT s/t Buffalo Hardcore fans have waited a long time for the release of this bombastic explosion of pure hardcore. They even got together the other night and played an overwhelming set to commemorate the occasion. Featuring memebers of Resist Control (Matto), Gas Chamber (Pat Bulger), Lemuria (Alex Kearns) and local hero/jack of all trades Eric Ellman--calling this a supergroup would be unfair and corny, yet ultimately true as all of the members are currently in other actively successful bands and 3 out of the 4 run record labels, all of which had a hand in releasing this. Matto's Peterwalkee label, Bulgers' Warm Bath Label and Kearns' Art of the Underground all have thier stamp on this slab--limited to 300 copies (100 which are colored). I'd give this one about a month or so to sell out. A snapshot of Buffalo activity right now, though the band is most likely not functioning on a regular basis--this document will be an essential album regardless. Check it out here.

BRITISH SEA POWER - Valhalla Dancehall By now, you know if you're a British sea Power fan or not, as they are not newcomers to the world of indie rock...which means they probably won't be getting the press of "the next big thing", yet you know what to expect from them. The sounds of UK post-punk, played proficiently and with a sense of humor in tow. And to think a good number of indie bands towing this line have a short shelf life, BSP have been at it for quite some time and their is probably a reason for that. Think about it for a minute...then stop down, we have them in stock waiting for you.

TY SEGALL BAND - Live In Aisle 5 Somehow this well recorded live album, featuring a full band backing up the young Segall, ha vanished. That means these are already out of print and selling for well over $20 online! But since you've been so kind to us, we're going to play dumb on this one and just price it as we normally would. Now I'm not a big fan of live albums, especially when it's not not Dylans with the Band, but this has a great, full sound to it, fun banter and the usual oddball covers thrown in with the hits that Segall loves to blast out. You can hear the beer bottles clanging together, the loudmouths in the club and most importantly, the songs. An important record for any fan of Segall, who has a new album in the can to boot as his name righteously gets out their to the masses. Once again...we told ya so.

HOMOSTUPIDS - Strawberry Peach Banana Kings of Skull Rock...shit, kings of punk rock as far as some of us are concerned, our beloved Homostupids played in our dungeon a few days before this "long playa" was released and word on the street is they went into an actual studio (instead of placing a boombox under water) to record this one and the results are what was always hiding--songs! Personally, I love it all, but after seeing them live I was longing for slightly more 'audible recordings' and the crushing results are here, folks. Though not for the faint of heart..if you like it raw, dropped on the head and loose, this shits for you. Featuring the ex-singer of Nine Shocks Terror, aloose-cannon buffalo ex-pat, 15 years removed and a tireless drummer (and guest appearances by Josh's young daughter on guitar/ramblings...hell, she probably named the album AND the band), this ones a keeper. Their "slick album", it's still rough around the edges and crushing. Primitive punk rock for those who still believe.

More punk than since that first single, as a matter of fact. Wanna watch them kill it in the Spiral Scratch Dungeon? Click here and compliments of the shaky camera/show document-er Clint Carr.

LOS DUG DUG'S s/t aka Lost In My World (description "borrowed" from more another source, yet right on the money) Los Dug Dug's self titled debut (also known as "Lost in My World"): the "must have" first album (1971) from psychedelic guru Armando Nava and his band, recorded after their failed trip to NYC did not produce the stardom they had been promised—pain and disappointment sparking great song-writing on this, the first Mexican psych album in English. An American tourist was so impressed that he offered to bankroll a trip for the band to New York City. The group played a handful of live dates and recorded a few demos, but having no money to pay the union fees necessary to earn them the opportunity to play NYC's larger venues left them with little choice but to return to Mexico. Los Dug Dug's immediately began work on their first LP for RCA Mexico, little knowing at the time that it would become a classic of psychedelia. [The results of failure and band differences essentially splitting up the bands first incarnation is this] heavy, explosive album, a record which captures the fever/dream humidity of flower children running amok on a July afternoon. Essential. 180 gram vinyl.

MUMMIES - Play Their Own Records
The first Mummies album, actually a singles comp, is finally backin stock alongside "Never Been Caught". Essential 90s garage punk.

SEX CHURCH - 6 Sons With... Sex Church is a band from Vancouver, Canada. Their music is inspired by depression, frustration, disappointment and other such inner turmoils that are the sources of great works of art.
Like bands such as The Wipers and Cheater Slicks, Sex Church takes that gloom and doom and spews it out in a punk and garage blueprint mixed with some hard driving krautrock repetitiveness as well as melodic shoegaze elements and turn something ugly into something beautiful.
"6 Songs by Sex Church", their debut full length LP, shows the world what this band is truly capable of featuring moody numbers like "Old Enough" "I Don't Wanna Die" and "The Floor", as well ripping hard driving numbers like "Not Anymore" "Ghost" and "Mistaken".
A perfect follow up to their single on Sweet Rot Records and a perfect record for fans of bummer rock n drone. A Spiral Scratch unanimous Top 10 of 2010 pick.

OF MONTREAL - Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer? The 2007 career defining master piece from Athens, GA pop masters. A personal opus, reissued in fine form. Deluxe double lp packaging with 2 180 gram lps and a 18"x24" poster included, as well as the free download.

CHEVEU - 1000 lp "Paris, France's Cheveu's newest release 1000 shows a much more polished and slicker sound than their previous releases, portraying the band's growth and adventurous, other-worldly style. That's not to say it doesn't sound like a Cheveu album, which is usually pretty damned difficult to pinpoint anyhow. Expect a whole new foray of sounds that include full horn arrangements, crazy Run DMC-style beats, and the usual flurry of noisy electronics and Rolling Stones-type blues riffs. Limited to only 1,000 copies on black vinyl in North America. Amazing cover art made out of fruit stickers and other fun stuff."

-SERGE GAINSBOURG - "...Melody Nelson"
-DEATH - "...For The Whole World To See"
-CRASS - "Feeding of the 5000"
-CRASS - "Penis Envy"
-STRAIGHT ARROWS - "It's Happening"
-VERNON WRAY - "Wasted"
-LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - "Sound of Silver"

-SONOROUS GALE (restock)
-OFF! 4 ep box (restock)

Not sure wether to apologize or flex "deez" for the length and effort of this post, but thanks for reading regardless and come visit soon!

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