Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7: A Good Day For A Scratch

This post is more or less a reminder of a few things. First, our sale bin ($1-$4 off marked prices) which always includes new and classic turds, has been re-loaded with marked down titles. We will also be unveiling a massive used 7" section-it's been growing like a mold (the records are not moldy, though) in back while we sorted, priced and made sense of what we had. It is vast, priced to move and loaded with goodies. We'll let you know HERE when it goes public.

Don't forget we have the new SONIC YOUTH on sale (priced below most wholesale prices we've seen). Only a few remain...and we probably won't be getting more. We're busy tracking down re-issues of their earlier albums now.

Speaking of sales...our Wilco+Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band $3 kickback applies up until the show or when we run out of one...whichever comes first. If yer just after the new Wilco lp, mention this post and get a buck off the list price (which we thought was a bit steep anyway).

A few re-stock copies of Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Primary Colours (it's since been re-pressed, though these are from the initial batch) remain. Yellow Covers this time. Check out these hott traxx from the album:
Incoming: A few new, fancy and limited (1000 copies, in most cases) titles arrived this week, direct from the smokey offices of Southern Lord Records. orders=lower prices!!

PELICAN - Ephemeral LP - Their first release on Southern Lord is widely being touted as a "return to form". Gold vinyl, pressed to 180 gram vinyl and painfully limited to 1000 copies.

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM - Black Cascade 2x LP/Two Hunters 2x LP - Olympia, WA triumvirate of 2 brothers and a pal who are one with nature, winter solstice and black metal leanings. This is their second and third LP respectively, both of which have received rave reviews, and their first for Southern Lord. Deluxe gatefolds, the usual 180 grams of wax and limited quantites, though we are unsure of the scum stats on these.

SUNN 0))) - Domkirke 2 x LP - 2008 release in deluxe gatefold packaging.

EARTH - Radio/Live - Another handful of this RecordStoreDay™ Vinyl Saturday title, these are also severely limited and our first batch went fast. We didn't get many, so don't wait on this one. This one has a fabric-type sleeve with silver foil lettering on the cover. 3000 were made in this form.

****This just in from Matador Records!
Get your Pixies fix here--we now are carrying, in addition to the oft seen Surfer Rosa and Doolittle lp's, their Bossanova and Trompe Le Monde long players (and, of course, Come On Pilgrim). Thats every Pixies studio take your pick.

Also, the latest from Columbus 'sensation' (and SHITGAZE™ torchbearer), PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT (try to get past the worst band name in many years/biggest interview shit-talkers) with their ironically titled Shitgaze Anthems 12"--as they have left behind the distorto lo-fi sound behind that both helped coin a sub-genre and influenced an army of like-minded bands such as Wavves, Times New Viking, Vivian Girls, Pink Reason (Kevin probably coined the term 'shitgaze'), Eat Skull (we do carry most of these bands, just in case you were wondering...) and scores of others-- for a cleaner sounding record this time around.
  • HARLEM - Free Drugs ;) - Debut album from up and coming Austin band...which has been welcomed with rave reviews. Fantastic NUGGETS-esque rock and roll with a big sense of humor and no shortage of fun. Highly recommended from Team Scratch. From the trusty-worthy Smashin' Transistors webzine: "It's obvious in the way the chug & chime on some of the songs that their water has been spiked with a good dose of the Velvet Underground doing bong rips instead of junk shots on songs which is not something all that uncommon of course but it's then tempered with as good amount of Roky-like psychosis (you can especially hear it in the screams-which also may remind some a bit of Dan Kroha's singing in the Gories from time to time as well...and maybe even....GASP! A touch here and there of the Pixies), elements of baroque pop and and a dollop here and there of folkish whimsy.
    The general framework of the tunes ARE of the "garage rock" persuasion but things are tweaked and twisted a bit where there are a lot of different dimensions to the songs which make the entire album interesting & clever than something just typical and shopworn."

Stay tuned for more updates and a special announcements soon!


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