Thursday, July 2, 2009

Turning Up The Heat at Spiral Scratch: New Releases and New Stuff!

You'd be surprised how well that little fan gets a breeze going in that shop when the temp goes really would. The calls for used Michael Jackson product have slowed (not a single request for Ya Ho Wa 13 records, to our dismay, not that we would have been able to honor the request--until our friends at Revolver make at least one available later this month). Maybe a Seeds record, though. RIP, Sky.)
It was really a week of celebrity deaths (and non-celebrity's too, I'm sure...but that's just not newsworthy unless it's bizarre or something). King's of Pop, Angels of Charlie, Infomercial Kingpins ex-members of Wilco and Sky Saxon (am I missing someone?) We all know who is getting the ink. Darby Crash might be more well remembered by mainstream America if John Lennon hadn't been shot and killed the next day. Hopefully Shane West meets a better, more sensationalized demise when his number is called.

Anyway, to the new stuff:
DINOSAUR JR. - Farm - The second full length (and ninth overall) with the original line-up back intact. These are, like so many other new releases, a double-deluxe-long player that includes a load of extra songs, including a Zombie's cover and the obligatory free download card. It's received loads of praise already, surpassing Beyond from 2007. Seems all Dinosaur Jr needed was a big group hug instead of being a J. Mascis solo vehicle to re-achieve greatness.

here are pictures of other new stuff:

WILCO (the album) The latest from the long running half-spawn of Uncle Tupelo. A new Wilco album seems to be the source of much talk. They will be at Artpark in Lewiston in a few weeks with Connor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. A SpiralScratchBlogReader only special... buy the new Wilco and latest from Connor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and receive a $3 return at point of purchase. (you will have to mention the discount before it's rang up on the register)
Think of it as us covering your tolls or buying you a few slices at Vincenzo's Pizza House (on Center Street in Lewiston) while you wait in that dreadful line of traffic the night of the show.

RESIST CONTROL - demo cd-r In addition to loads of Matto related projects like Kitty Little from the great Capital Region, we received sale copies of this introductory cd-r only demo release from a Buffalo supergroup of sorts-a band chock full of members with great resumes. This is fast paced hardcore that is absolutely blazing, perfectly executed and worthy of your attention. And 3 bucks. If you haven't picked one up at a show or don't feel like it, or just downright forgot...we have some for you. Each with a quality silkscreened cover and insert. Seems like our town is fertile ground for this sort of thing again, and the quality of bands doing it continues with Resist Control. Top notch release.

THE INSUBORDINATES - "1968" b/w "Rendezvous" Yet another familiar face from just down the I-90 (Rochester). This authentic sounding blast of classic hardcore punk (recorded in glorious MONO by Mr. Ski Mask at the prolific Electric Pumpkin Patch Studio) is short but very sweet. Speaking of prolific, it's Feral Kid #16. Fantastic silk screened cover art and a real ripper of a record inside. Yet another (almost) local release we are proud to make available to you in case you think punk rock died at the mall.

- Around The Well - This 3 lp set (!) is priced as an affordable double album, Around The Well is a vast collection of hard to find or unreleased tracks spanning the bands career and reaching up until 2007 (The Sheppard's Dog sessions, an album which we also have in stock again on lp). The tracks range from raw, unedited home recordings to produced studio outtakes. Obviously, a must for any Iron and Wine fan.

some more re-stocks of note (don't forget to check last weeks update for the onslaught of new stock that preceded this smaller batch.
  • Bad Brains s/t (Roir) LP
  • Bad Brains - Black Dots - essential early recordings..perhaps their best, done by dc legendary engineer/producer Don Zientara. Zientara may have captured the bands early days best on this collection of some of the Bad Brains earliest recordings.
  • Weakerthans - Left and Leaving This one never sticks around long.
  • Zero Boys - Vicious Circle - Their classic album (though don't overlook the earlier, rawer History of the Zero Boys collection), this one has become rather elusive. Secretly Canadian, strangely enough, is responsible for these re-issues.
  • Big Black - Lungs 12"/Headache 12"/Songs About Fucking LP - All crucial releases Touch and Go deemed worthy (one of their wiser business moves in the last 20 years or so) of keeping in print. As long as they do, we will keep them in stock. Along with the Heartbeat and He's A Whore/The Model 7" reccords.
keep an eye out for some exciting releases and reissues coming up in July. new Reigning Sound lp, Galaxie 500 catalog reissued on vinyl, new Sic Alps (on Drag City) and Ty Segall stuff...we still have the "older" stuff. Of course, there is lots more in the cooker, as they say.

and then there is this...a truly big star.

--anchovies 7/2/09

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