Friday, July 24, 2009

A Mid-Summer Nights Scratch Update

It's 2 am and i'm on my second...make that third root beer float. No time to sleep. Its time to talk shop. New records have arrived! And more are on the way.

The last week or some and the coming weeks are some pretty exciting releases, including re-issues and new albums from some of our favorites. We've been eagerly awaiting the seminal Galaxie 500 vinyl re-issues of their 3 studio albums. They have finally arrived and we are proud to bring them to you--an often overlooked late 80s/ early 90s trio whos down-tempo and simplistic dreamy drones (ala VU) pre-dated more successful bands who would rise to prominence after Galaxie 500's demise. (They would split into Luna and Damon & Naomi). These vinyl editions were remastered by Alan Douches and Kramer at West West Side Music, cut by Kevin Gray at AcousTech, pressed to virgin vinyl at RTI, and packaged in old-fashioned tip-on style jackets at Stoughton.

2 days later...still working on the update.

Also in stock:

RUSTED SHUT - DEAD Pummeling constantly since the mid 1980s, Houstons RUSTED SHUT are an institution of negative, repetitive riff heavy and harsh rock. Not to be pigeon-holed as noise rock or sludge (or the marketable "stoner rock" stamp--though they display all these traits), Rusted Shut can appeal to fans of Flipper or the Brainbombs as well as the Melvins...but they present their negative outlook in a dirtier fashion as all of the aforementioned. Allmusic calls it a "monstrous powerhouse" and they have found an approproate home on LOAD RECORDS. New fans can fear not starting right here where old fans can rejoice in the filthy pessimism of DEAD.

COSMOS - Jar of Jam Ton of Bricks - Guided By Voices nerds rejoice! Bob Pollard is a busy man these days...among his latest projects is this album...a collaberation project with Richard Davies...the psych-pop fella who fronted the amazing CARDINAL and also led the band MOLE.
This one has been regarded as one of Pollards more accesible indulgences of late, with shared vocals--though Pollard sings twice as
many songs while Davies' and his hired guns, including Malcolm Travis (Human Sexual Response, Sugar) and David Minehan (The Neighborhoods) handle the arrangements. An interesting collaberation that has some picky fans very pleased.

MATES OF STATE - All Day 12"
A re-issue of a the indiepop husband and wife duo, Mates of State, All Day was a career defining release. Includes their revered cover of David Bowies Starman. Re-packaged in all its glory on 180 grams of vinyl and free mp3 download.

THE OH SEES - SUCK BLOOD - Another re-issue, though this one is from 2007. The Oh-Sees (aka OCS aka thee Oh-See's aka...) delivered probably the best a
lbum of this year with the surprise "HELP" and are about to issue another as well. This is the lp that preceded "Help" and, though with a more mellow and dreamy vibe...more evidence that we are talking about one of the best bands in the world at the current moment. Also in stock is the split 7" with Ty Segal (Sic Alps) who also has his second solo album en route to the Scratch and another 7" single. The Oh Sees are led by John Dwyer (ex-Coachwhips) and feature shared vocals with Brigid Dawson, offering a unique take on what has been described as 'the Mamas and the Papa's meeting up with the Cramps'. Coming soon "The Masters Bedroom". And hopefully a re-stock of "Help"..which repeatedly sold out to a wide range of music fans--it crosses several genres. Seems like everytime the store copy gets a spin, another one goes out the door. Great bloody spattered white vinyl, too.

more incoming stuff of note:

CURSIVE - Mama I'm Swollen - The latest (third) longplayer from this Omaha, Nebraska band on Saddle Creek™. Playing Buffalo on the 31st. I wish we had tickets to sell you, but we do not. We will, however, sell you their albums.

BEASTIE BOYS - Ill Communication - The Beastie Boys 1994 album which assured their superstar status for good. Also in stock is Paul's Boutique and Check Your Head--all of which have been re-issued in top quality packages. Superfans take note: Pollywog Stew shows up every so often here on might be a week or so, but it's coming back. In the meantime, dig these three handsome reissues.

RS - Brown Reason To Live 12"- The first release from these twisted acid damaged Texans--featuring some of their most well-known tracks and a sign this band wasn't your typical hardcore punk band. All of their albums are unique and sound like a completely overhauled band up until the point they were discovered by the mainstream around two decades after thier first release.
They weren't hardcore at all...they were vulgar, they could play well and were inventing their own genre, that has never been duplicated, though their unique and distinctive sound would influence post-punk and punk bands forever, whether they realized it or not. They could write sludgey and twisted dirges alongside catchy or weird blasters and subdued pop numbers...and they did all that on theirground-breaking debut released by a very enthusiastic Jello Biafra and his Alternative Tentacles label. It remains one of the most unique and adventurous documents to come from the hardcore era. Essential listening and priced to move! The follow-up will be here soon, also.

some re-stocks:
  • MEATMEN - We're the Meatmen and You Suck! LP - Tesco Vee and the early classic lp that combined their early 12" eps. Offensive as hell from the man who really started Touch & Go Records. This is the labels first release. Speaking of which...
  • NECROS - Conquest For Death LP Here is Touch and Go release number #2, featuring Corey Rusk--the man who eventually took over Touch and Go (and subsequently ran it into near bankruptcy in the last year--though they survived and will re-issue the Jesus Lizard back catalog soon). Early midwestern hardcore punk.
  • PIXIES - discography of all studio lp's--now including Bossanova and Trompe Le Monde, alongisde the staples that are Doolittle, Surfer Rosa and Come On Pilgrim.
  • V/A - Last Kind Words:1926-1953 - "Wonderful compilation of rare blues and gospel from hard-to-find 78rpm laquers. All Classics!" [barrels]
CRAMPS - Off The Bone LP - Early Cramps vinyl is not easy to find. This import compilation offers some of their greatest (gravest) stuff dating back to late 70s and early 80s material.

Also restocked our classic Dischord material (SST is next update):
  • Minor Threat - First Demo Tape 7"
  • Minor Threat - s/t 12"
  • Minor Threat - Out of Step 12"
  • Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker LP
  • Faith/Void split LP
  • Four Old Seven Inches On A 12" LP (SOA, Teen Idles, DC Youth Brigade, Gov't Issue)
  • Flex Your Head comp
  • Dag Nasty - Can I Say?
  • Dag Nasty - Wig Out At Denkos
And finally, as we finish off the painstaking pricing process of our used jazz records, we grabbed a few classic reissues from the likes of John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus and more! Stay tuned for more news and comment. And records. (CDs if you desire)


Don't Forget...the good folks at SPIRAL SCRATCH and TERMBO are bringing you DRUNKDRIVER (nyc) with PLATES (last show ever?), BROWN SUGAR and RATIONAL ANIMALS (rot-chester) MONDAY AUGUST 3 at thee MOHAWK PLACE! 8:30 pm is go-time.


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